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How to stay healthy when traveling


Keeping a healthy lifestyle during traveling can be a bit challenging and stressful. The whole purpose of traveling is to have fun and indulge yourself, so don't be harsh on yourself when you devour the delicious local desserts.

Traveling is extremely fun as you get to experience new cultures and see new places. However, this includes indulging in habits that you regularly keep under control such as eating, drinking, or simply not getting enough sleep to ensure you have an eventful vacation.

It’s important to note that, there is always a middle ground where you can enjoy your trip while keeping the healthy lifestyle you’re used to. Here are a few tips that will show you how to stay healthy when traveling and come back home with happy healthy memories.

Get enough sleep
Sleeping is an integral part of our lives, that’s why we spend one-third of our days sleeping. Try to rest and sleep well before and during your vacation.  Many people tend to sleep less before their trip to try and finish all the chores and work they have before traveling on vacation. Lack of sleep will leave you exhausted during the trip which will make you enjoy it much less. Traveling comes with plenty of physical activities as you cross time zones, carrying and lifting luggage through places, walking while sightseeing, and much more activities. These activities will have their toll on your body so to be able to carry on, make sure to get enough sleep for your body to recharge its energy and start your next day fresh.

Preventive measures
This step starts before going on your vacation by visiting a travel medicine expert to receive or update your vaccination and medications. The vaccinations vary from one country to another, so make sure you get the right ones for the country you’re visiting. On your trip, especially in the COVID-19 world, bring or buy face masks, anti-bacterial wet wipes, and hand sanitizers as you will deal with many people and eat different foods served on plates that may not be cleaned properly. To enhance your immune system further, make sure to consume enough vitamins whether from food or pills.

Stay hydrated
We can never stress enough the importance of water in our lives and this doesn’t change while traveling. The body can get dehydrated easily during a vacation by all the physical activity you will engage in or the weather if you are visiting a hot and humid destination.  Carry a water bottle, preferably a reusable one, with you all the time and if you’re wary of the local water quality, bring water purification tablets with you.

Take a break and breathe
There is a difference between breathing and to, really, breathe. Breathing exercises are extremely convenient as you can do them anywhere, just take a deep breath, hold it, then exhale, and repeat. Those exercises relieve the stress from traveling and help you relax. If you’re staying in a room with an air conditioner or heating system, this article will show you if the filter needs replacing to allow you to breathe better air. Fresh air has an immensely positive effect on your body, soul, lungs, and emotions, so get some fresh air by taking a walk through the green natural world around you.

Be active and exercise
Exercising at home is easy as it becomes part of your routine, yet on your trip, it can be tricky to stick to the same routine because of the hectic schedule of vacations. Stay at a hotel with a gym or fitness center, and if you can’t find one, then there are several ways to stay active. There are infinite ways to stay active and have fun exercising, so instead of taking public transportations, walk anywhere you want to go. 

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

Walking is truly good for your health and it lets you experience the culture up close and enjoy it further. Swimming and hiking are perfect for burning some calories while indulging yourself in your vacation, so search beforehand for the activities available at the destination you’re going to.

Cut down on alcohol
Vacations are all about having fun and destressing from the daily routine, and they usually include drinking and partying. However, consuming too much alcohol can leave you with an awful hangover that will ruin the next day for you. Needless to say, alcohol is full of calories and sugar which are bad for our health and the main reason for weight gain. We are not saying to not drink at all, just consume alcohol in moderation, we don’t want you to miss the other fun activities you can have.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle during traveling can be a bit challenging and stressful. The whole purpose of traveling is to have fun and indulge yourself, so don't be harsh on yourself when you devour the delicious local desserts. Your mental health matters as well, keep a good balance between your physical and mental health to go back home refreshed and looking forward to your next vacation.

Main photo by slon_dot_pics from Pexels

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