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How to stay safe while riding a motorcycle in Pennsylvania


You could do a few things to ensure you are relatively safe every time you take your bike on the road.

The feeling of wind in the hair, the sense of freedom, and speed are what most people love about riding a motorcycle. But as beautiful as the mental picture of getting on a bike can be, it is important not to be ignorant of the dangers involved. 

According to data from the NHTSA, motorcyclists are 29 times more likely to die in a crash than a car driver. The simple reason for this is that there is very little to protect a rider in a crash. But you could do a few things to ensure you are relatively safe every time you take your bike on the road.

Staying safe when riding a motorbike in Pennsylvania

Wear your helmet
It isn't a legal requirement for motorcyclists to wear a helmet in Pennsylvania as long as they are 21 or older. However, you don't stop needing to protect your head after you hit 21. So you may want to keep it on irrespective of age. 

According to the CDC, wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle is the most effective way of protecting yourself from injuries. When buying a helmet, ensure you go for a DOT-approved helmet and preferably a full-face helmet. 

Wear other protective gear
You may have watched bikers riding with their shirts or jackets flapping about in the wind in movies, and it looks cool. But if an unfortunate situation such as the rider gets in an accident, the chance of getting severe bodily injuries is quite high, so you may want to gear up before getting on a bike. 

Some of the items you will need as riding gear include a leather or denim suit that protects a rider's body if an accident sends you skidding on the tarmac. Besides the suit, you may also want to get appropriate riding boots and glasses if you don't have a full-face helmet or have one that doesn't have a protective cover.

Get some training
To ride a motorcycle legally in Pennsylvania, you must have a motorcycle riding license, also known as a class M license. To get an M license, you will need to take motorcycle safety hands-on training for free, but you will have to pay a $10 fee for the license application.

Riding a motorcycle is quite different from operating a vehicle in many ways, from maneuverability, safety, and reaction times. The hands-on training is designed to ensure that you can avoid everyday hazards associated with riding a motorcycle

Ride safely
Even with the right gear and training, your safety will depend on how you behave on the road. A motorcycle is a vehicle like another. So you have to follow safety rules like every other road user. 

But there is a unique set of safety precautions for motorcycle riders. For example, you will want to ride carefully at intersections because the small motorcycle size may escape a driver's attention resulting in a collision. You may also want to ride with your headlight on even during the day to increase visibility. 

What to do after being in an accident
Sadly even when you do all you can to stay safe, there is no way of controlling the actions of other road users, so the possibility of getting into an accident is always present. If you sustain an injury or injuries in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, you could be eligible for compensation.

Most motorcycle accidents result in severe injuries. Consequently, recoverable damages can be pretty substantial. 

Cases involving considerable recoverable damages tend to attract some pushback from the opposing side's insurer. Therefore, ensure that you get the finest legal representation by working with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer if you hope to recover fair compensation.

Image by Dmitrii Bardadim from Pixabay

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