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How to travel abroad and access Bwin’s online casino for Bulgaria


Here are some of the things that you can do if you want to use this iGaming company while traveling abroad.

Let’s face it, most people around the world love to travel. Whether we visit some of the important places in our countries or decide to go abroad, most of us pay loads of money for traveling every year. Needless to say, there are loads of beautiful places where you can go, especially if you want to experience something new.

The fact that we can go almost everywhere whenever we want to allows us to visit many amazing places. Thanks to our smartphones and laptops, we can even work and do other kinds of things while traveling. One of them is related to using an online casino known as Bwin, which is available in Bulgaria and a few other countries. 

With that being said, here are some of the things that you can do if you want to use this iGaming company while traveling abroad.

You have to check the local laws and use a VPN
Traveling to different places worldwide is fun, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t all sorts of laws you must adhere to. People who’ve visited Betenemy know that casino Bwin is licensed in Bulgaria since 2016, which means it must adhere to the regulations set by the local authorities. In other words, bettors can use its services and play casino games whenever they want to.

Unfortunately, Bwin might not have a permit from the country where you are visiting. Some states have strict gambling laws, whereas others might not even allow any form of online betting. In other words, you have to be really careful when traveling and learn more about the gambling laws in the place you go to. 

Once you learn more, you may find that the given state only allows online casinos registered in the country itself. If that’s the case, you can check whether Bwin adheres to this regulation because it is one of the most popular iGaming sites. Unfortunately, even if the given brand is available in the new country you’re currently at, it may not offer the same things that are accessible to Bulgarian punters. That’s why people often have to use a VPN to change their IP address to Bulgaria.

There are different kinds of VPNs out there, but most of them are free to use. Sadly, these kinds of options might not always work because they won’t allow you to use a fast internet connection. In other words, you might have to use some of the paid VPN services if you want to have a trouble-free online betting experience.

Sometimes, travelers may have the option to use a mirror link
The second thing you can do to access your favorite online betting website while being on the go is to use a mirror link. Since Betenemy’s Bwin casino review revealed that the brand has a license from Bulgaria’s regulating authorities, it probably doesn’t have a mirror link. However, people who want to use this iGaming company’s services might be able to find such a thing if they use Google’s services. Almost every online casino has a mirror link because it allows people to access its services in countries where gambling is illegal. The alternative link usually contains numbers and letters that have nothing to do with the casino itself. Yet, it offers the same things as the “real” site, which means that online casino fans will be able to try out loads of casino games.

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