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How you can enjoy the "harmony" of Japan during your travel


The performance is a must see for those who are into the beauty of kimono as well as those who enjoy the serenity of classical music.

Kimono Orquesta (original name inspired by Orchestra)” is a performance art that joins the uniqueness of Kimono and Classical music. The show performance is consisted with Kitsuke:the process of wearing kimono with the back ground of classical violin music.

The performance is a must see for those who are into the beauty of kimono as well as those who enjoy the serenity of classical music. 

Founded by sisters one who holds a passion of Japanese kimono culture Atsuko Tokuda and one who embraces her talent as a violinist Masako Tokuda, the group is now known to be one of the highlight for tourists in Japan.

We have had the opportunity to dig deep into the mission, vision and inspiration behind the performance art initiative of Kimono Orquesta. 

One of the founder Atsuko Tokuda holds first-class Japan kimono dressing certificate as well as cultural outfit dressing certificate also certified by the Japan Kimono General Association, Atsuko aim to spread the beauty and the nature of kimono. Besides the initiative of live performance, Atsuko currently engage in the work of kimono dressings at different venues such as wedding halls, photo studios, kimono rental shops, and so on.

Masako Tokuda with a highly qualified education back ground in Liberal Arts, Masako has been part of a major orchestra globally taking part as a violinist. With such highly qualified back ground, her work has also been demonstrated at culture 2020, Tokyo kimono show as well as many major theaters and occasions.

We would like to bring both kimono and music closer to people. We think both holds artistic nature that can be a valuable experience for people so we are eager to explore different possibilities with our style of performance art.” Masako shared with us.

With the aim of spreading kimono and classical music the group holds stage performances with the collaboration of kimono dressing and the live classical violin performance.

When asked “What is the core idea you would like to deliver to people who wants to check out your performance.

Masako shared with us, “I know we embody quite a unique concept but I would like people to not think too much and just observe as well as listen to our stage performances first hand. I think it is important to allow people to feel freely as they experience our performance.

Kimono Orquesta (name inspired by Orchestra) is aiming at performing in front of live audiences world wide and they are certainly on a verge of taking the world by storm.

While Japan is well known for the cultural uniqueness which consist calmness and polite nature, on the other hand modern culture such as anime and otaku culture, within this cultural contrast,It is certainly refreshing to see such concept like Kimono Orquesta performance being emerge. And we solute 2 founders Atsuko Tokuda and Masako Tokuda for their passion and vision behind their initiative and it may not take that much of time till we could see their performances at major theater like broadway.

To learn more about “Kimono Orquesta”, check out below.


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