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iCoupon streamlines payment process for airlines and retailers with iCoupon AutoPay


iCoupon launches new service designed to make payment procedures simpler for airlines and retailers.

LONDON, UK - iCoupon, the leading digital vouchering platform in airports worldwide, is continuing to revolutionise the world of digital vouchering with its new service, iCoupon AutoPay.

The iCoupon system already organises all airline vouchers by flight, date, airport and creates draft invoices automatically, and now the retailer will no longer have to spend time sending the auto-generated bill to each individual airline and chase for payment. Instead, iCoupon’s billing system, for those who select the service, will automatically submit the invoices directly to iCoupon, which will pay the bills directly to the retailers on payment dates and terms selected by the retailer.

Airlines will only have one bill to pay to iCoupon for their consolidated AutoPay retailer bills, yet still have full visibility of every passenger transaction for audit, EU261 and validation purposes. In addition, the entire billing process takes place automatically in the iCoupon billing engine, meaning that retailers and airlines do not need to make any changes manually and everything carries on as normal from their perspective.

By automatically generating billing documents at the end of each month, iCoupon AutoPay will eliminate the time retailers and airlines are putting into billing administration. The billing documents will be fully compliant with local legislation of each country, and with VAT compliance such as EU112 directives.

After generating the document, iCoupon will automatically pay the retailer on its selected credit terms. Retailers using iCoupon AutoPay can select which package best suits their needs and will be paid depending on that choice.

New and existing retailers and airlines will be able to opt-in to the solution and iCoupon will do the rest, with just the flick-of-a-switch.

Non-iCoupon AutoPay clients will be able to continue using iCoupon Standard billing services either exclusively or in parallel with AutoPay.

Richard Bye, CEO of iCoupon, said: “In its standard form, iCoupon massively increases efficiencies for both the airline and the retailer, hence why we are not intending to de-activate existing services as most of our airline and retailer partners love it just the way it is.  However, like any disrupter, we are constantly looking at ways to offer more choice to our customers, and consolidated billing is one such area that we are requested to support and which we think some clients would really enjoy. So, I’m very pleased to announce we are now providing the solution.

“iCoupon Autopay will serve to make retailers’ and airlines lives that bit simpler. Retailers will no longer have to seek payment from airlines which participate in the service as iCoupon will pay them directly from now on, with payment terms in place between iCoupon and the airlines to recover the debt. This new service makes for an even simpler and smoother process which will see both the airline and retailer benefit.”

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