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If you like the glitz and glamour of casinos, put Amsterdam on your travel bucket list


Casino tourism is slowly but surely becoming one of travel’s most popular sectors, with many destinations emerging with the sole purpose of being a casino city.

Why do people travel? There are several reasons why people might choose to go to different places. Examples include finding better weather, visiting family, and discovering new cultures. One reason for traveling might seem surprising. As the gambling market continues to advance, an ever-increasing number of people are discovering joy in making gambling the focus of their trip. Casino tourism is slowly but surely becoming one of travel’s most popular sectors, with many destinations emerging with the sole purpose of being a casino city. 

The growing popularity of online casinos has been significant, which can be partly explained by the numerous bonuses and promotions used to attract new players. This world is dominated by slots, even if other titles are available. Free spins are offered, so players can enjoy a few rounds without troubling their wallets. You can learn how to claim free spins at an online casino quickly and easily. Web-based gambling establishments operate on a 24/7 basis, so people can easily play from the comfort of their homes at any time. Nonetheless, it would be a mistake to think that the land-based gambling industry has come to an end. 

Many people still prefer playing at physical casinos because the atmosphere is unparalleled. We’re talking about the stylish decors, mouth-watering dishes, and appealing games. If you like the very relaxed atmosphere that accompanies land-based casinos, you should go on a gambling holiday. If you’re looking for a travel destination that will take you out of your comfort zone, consider Amsterdam. When was the last time you went to the Netherlands? It doesn’t matter because you’ll love the trip.

A quick overview of casinos and gambling in the Netherlands
If you’re going to visit the Netherlands, it’s worth updating your knowledge about the country. It has a long gambling history, which dates back to the 14th century. The first gambling establishment opened its doors in 1976, at the boulevard in Zandvoort. It was opened by the state monopoly operator, which is referred to as the De Nationale Stichting tot Exploitatie van Casinospelen. There are 14 legal casinos in the Netherlands, all of which belong to Holland Casino. 

At present, casino operators are able to obtain a license to provide online games of chance to Dutch consumers. The legislation – in other words, the Betting and Gambling Act- provided no basis for offering players the possibility to play games of chance over the Internet, so a legislative proposal was drafted to address the situation. The Remote Gambling Act was passed by the Dutch Senate in February 2019 and will come into effect this spring. 

Holland Casino’s branches in Venlo, Enschede, Breda, Amsterdam West, Utrecht and Leeuwarden have reopened since April 24. The properties have been opened under Dutch participation. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that every guest needs a reservation and must present a negative test certificate. Several international casino businesses are struggling to penetrate the market and offer their services to Dutch consumers. It’s hoped that the outcome will be positive.

Amsterdam – the prime spot for a gambling paradise in Europe 
Amsterdam is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, accommodating countless museums, theatres, and entertainment venues. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, tourists stayed away from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but now the situation is quite different. Travel restrictions have been relaxed and tourism will undergo analysis to ensure that it’s more qualitative and sustainable. This translates into a new start for Amsterdam tourism. The gradual restart encourages people to explore the capital safely and support the reopening of businesses. 

Amsterdam provides world-class entertainment, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll get bored. Most casinos have become an attraction in their own right, with fashionable restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and hotels. Holland Casino is located in the heart of the Leidseplein entertainment district. Before paying a visit, it’s recommended to check out the website and see how busy the place is. If you have a City Card, you gain free entrance. It’s the best place to be for an exciting night out. When you get tired of playing at slot machines, you can go sightseeing. Nothing can compare to the street life in Europe. 

The atmosphere at Holland Casino Amsterdam Centrum is laid back and drinks are substantially cheaper than any other place. The croupiers and bar staff are friendly and polite, and you can gamble only when you feel like it. There are plenty of game options, ranging from roulette to card tables. You’ll see high rollers trying their luck at the tables, rolling the dice and hoping to get a number. 

The powerful force of the Internet is just around the corner. Platforms such as Bob Casino host thousands of players and offer noteworthy bonuses. You can claim bonuses at Bob Casino and enjoy the casino games. Holland Casino is working tirelessly at setting up an online casino, which will be available soon. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t spend too much time in your hotel room.  Go out and explore Amsterdam. Only return to your hotel room to recharge your batteries. Try to spend your waking hours in the urban environment. 

How to prepare for a gambling trip to Amsterdam 
Now that you’ve selected the best spot, it’s time to plan your vacation. Pack ahead of time to avoid last-minute stress. As you can imagine, you don’t need a large wardrobe because you’ll be spending most of your time playing games of chance. Bring clothes that are suitable for cold temperatures. It rains a lot in the Netherlands, so the weather is chilly. It’s impossible not to take photos while you’re in Amsterdam, so bring your camera along, besides important items like passports. 

Budgeting for the trip is extremely important, even if you’re planning a casual trip to the casino. Set up an entertainment budget. If you want to go sightseeing, make sure you have enough money set aside. Finally yet importantly, prepare your body and mind for the exciting experience. This will help you better deal with eventual stress. 

Photo by Liam Gant from Pexels

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