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Impulsify Grab & Go Retail Technology helps dimension development increase the value of their portfolio


Impulsify Grab & Go increases Dimension Development retail revenue at 14 hotels.

DENVER, CO - Hospitality’s Grab & Go retail innovator, Impulsify Inc., implemented their self-service kiosk program in 14 of Dimension Development’s 80 hotels across the country, and they found the program was an overwhelming success.

Dimension Development specializes in maximizing hotel profit. Their 80 hotels employ a variety of innovative solutions, such as Impulsify’s Grab & Go retail technology. Dimension’s Assistant CFO, Matthew Schupbach, describes “Dimension is continuously evolving and searching for the tools and technology that will drive cash flow.”

Dimension Development increased average Retail Sales Per Occupied Room +19% (from $0.95 to $1.14 POR), and increased average Profit Margin significantly, at 14 hotels when comparing the six months before installation to the six months after installation. Schupbach explains, “This analysis shows that the self-service kiosk program and retail design provided by Impulsify Inc. pays for itself.”

In a Covid-19 world, Impulsify’s cashless, technology-driven markets allow hotel guests to avoid close quarters and long checkout lines to get their essentials and snacks with the convenience of shopping in their own hotel and charging it to their room or credit card. The self-pay kiosk reduces the hotel’s concern of Covid-related liabilities such as cashier proximity and cross-contamination when cashiers handle the food and currency in the transaction.

“During this time of uncertainty and shift in economic reliability, Impulsify’s self-pay technology and easy to implement retail designs, used by Dimension Development, present hotel developers, owners, and managers with no previous retail experience, a turn-key solution designed to benefit both the hotel and the guests,” says Janine Williams – Impulsify Founder & CEO.

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