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International Hospitality Conference2 2020


International Hospitality Conference takes place on February 29th 2020 at InterContinental Kiev, Ukraine. It’s educational business conference for hotel professionals from all around the world. For the period of last two years we gathered more than 700+ owners and top management of best hotels. The Conference mission is to cover topical and relevant issues in the hospitality industry, such as revenue management, marketing strategies, technologies, architecture and design trends. The conference is leaded by the best speakers representing a number of the hugest hotel chains who will share their invaluable experience in managing hotels, boosting revenue and getting more profit from the hotel’s operational activity.

The topic of International Hospitality Conference 2020 is “EVOLUTION” – changes, evolution in the hospitality field prompting hotels to keep learning, upgrading and updating to the changes to better serve the growing demand of the modern traveler (Al, robotization, digitization, personalized options in a hotel).

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