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International tourism: A gift of globalization


International tourism has many socio-cultural and economical benefits on a national and international level

Tourism is considered as one of the most important economic activities as it brings a huge amount of capital. In this era of globalization international tourism is thriving due to the internet. After watching beautiful landscapes of foreign countries, people are becoming more interested in travelling across the borders due to which cultural harmony is spreading as well. Countries are also benefiting economically from international tourism as the influx of tourists in local markets helps in stabilizing the national economy.

Governmental and private organizations are offering special packages to international tourists in order to increase tourism in their country. As in the last few decades, duty free shops, traveling facilities and lower airfare rates are offered by organizations. One of the major problems faced by tourists is complicated and tiring air travel as most of the time tourists had to change their plans and wait for long hours at the airport in order to reach their destination. 

These days many air traveling agencies like one world partner airlines are offering multiple flight options under the same roof. This is a Hong Kong based company which provides many different types of services by collaborating with major airlines so that tourists can travel without going through the extensive process of booking different flights at different places.

Importance of international tourism
International tourism has many socio-cultural and economical benefits on a national and international level. It helps in creating business opportunities on a national level and helps in curbing unemployment. Tourism help in building better international and intrapersonal relationships among nations and individuals. Tourism also impacts trade as it creates opportunities for traders to advertise their goods to attract foreign interest.

Not only economically, tourism can also help nations achieve better international standing as most of the time people have negative views about some countries but after travelling and experiencing everything first hand can change their perspective. West has a very negative view of Pakistan as they think that Pakistan is a poor and terrorist country. But over the past few years due to governmental efforts regarding tourism many foreigners are travelling to Pakistan and sharing a totally different aspect of Pakistan with the world.

International tourism and third world countries
International tourism is quite a blessing for third world countries as the economies of many underdeveloped countries depend on international tourism. Over the past few years developing countries are using their landscape, religious monuments and other historical sites to attract tourists because it helps in stabilizing the economy and also helps in building person to person relationships between nations.

Tourism helps in furthering economic growths in many ways. First of all it helps in coping with unemployment rate because it helps in creating new business opportunities for locals. Tourism is not only beneficial for local business it also helps in increasing of foreign exchanges. But on the other hand it also create problems like depletion of local natural resources and pollution in these countries.

Technological development and international tourism
Technology is playing an essential role in our daily lives. Technology and media are one of the main sources due to which international tourism is thriving. World is connected by the web and people across the globe are more connected than ever before and they are more aware and interested in exploration of foreign culture. Technology has made it easier to travel across the world as anyone can buy tickets and even book hotels in other countries through the internet. Due to easy and cheap access to air travel, more and more people are preferring international tourism over national tourism.

Media and blogging culture is providing first-hand information to the public regarding traveling and sightseeing. As we can see over the past few years blogging while traveling is becoming quite famous. Due to which tourism is also becoming a popular topic on social media and more and more people are getting inspired to travel the world and explore different cultures and languages.

Impacts on education
Tourism is also affecting daily lives and living standards of people as individuals are also global. Due to the increase in international tourism, people are becoming more interested in other languages and cultures. Nowadays many higher education institutes are teaching foreign languages in order to facilitate communication. World is turning into a global village where everyone is somehow connected to each other. 

Education of children is also becoming more international nowadays as they have to learn how to communicate with foreigners in order to fit into  the global world. Over the past few years, the trend of settling into a foreign country is growing as many people become captivated to foreign land after visiting it and find it hard to leave there. Which in turn is causing brain drain in many countries.

International tourism and environment
Even though tourism is beneficial in many ways and for some countries their largest source of earning, it also comes with a price. As when huge numbers of tourists gather during vacation it also becomes a reason for pollution as it becomes hard for authorities  to deal with that much trash and to maintain discipline. But nowadays many environmentally friendly steps are being taken by governments to control pollution on popular tourist spots like ban on plastic items and imposing fines on littering. Sometimes due to tourists historical places get destroyed because worn out buildings cannot sustain the damage caused by huge numbers of people. Due to which many historical places no longer allow tourists in. 

Looking at the benefits and disadvantages of international tourism it is apparent that international tourism will become a big factor in nation’s economical and cultural development. Tourism is now becoming an industry as governments and private organizations are now investing in it to earn capital. Even though tourism is putting a lot of pressure on natural resources and ruining the environment, its monetary benefits are way more lucrative than its harmful impacts. That's why governments are trying to establish measures to make tourism as safe as it can be.

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