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Intrepid Travel launches largest ever collection of trips in the U.S.


The world’s largest adventure travel company will introduce 38 new itineraries in the country, reimagining what travel within the United States can and should look like by incorporating more diverse perspectives and experiences alongside the iconic sites 

Intrepid Travel, the B Corp certified tour operator with a mission to create positive change through the joy of travel, has announced a collection of 38 new trips in the U.S. that will begin departing in 2022 - its most robust offering in the country since its inception over 30 years ago. Each trip was designed to provide opportunities to forge meaningful connections between travelers and the people who make this diverse country so rich in culture. 

We’ve thought for a long time about the unique role Intrepid can play in the United States,” said James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid Travel. “We felt compelled to not only offer sustainable and unique travel experiences for both domestic and international travelers, but to also ensure we use the power of tourism as a force for good.” 

We created these itineraries to showcase the U.S. through a more authentic and diverse lens. While they will offer travelers the chance to see the country’s most iconic sites and cities, they also celebrate the lesser-known places, communities and highlights that make up the rich fabric of America.” 

While we did include many of the well-loved places that get people excited to travel, we took it a step further by celebrating the small towns and varying perspectives that allow travelers to understand what America is – not just at its surface, but rather at its core,” he added.  

Intrepid’s new U.S. trips will incorporate the must-see attractions while giving travelers more curated, in-depth offerings. From enjoying local delicacies and going on human-powered active adventures, to spending time with First Nations tribes, each trip will provide a unique take on the destination. 

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