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Is it possible to place a bet online while travelling in the states


We’ve put together a little list to give you a run down of whether it’s possible to bet online while travelling through different parts of the states. 

Back in 2018, a law was passed in the by the Supreme Court in the United States which shut down the Professional and Amateru Sports Protection Act (PASPA) OF 1992. The law which passed gave each state the liberating choice of deciding whether they would like to legalise sports betting in their region. Of course, there were many conflicting opinions regarding sports betting and as it stands the possibility of placing a bet online and how to do so differs from one state to the next. 

The differentiation from one state to the next has people wondering whether they will be able to bet while they’re travelling lightly from one state to the next. For this reason, we’ve put together a little list to give you a run down of whether it’s possible to bet online while travelling through different parts of the states. 

Starting with the Beaver State, Oregon has quite some lax regulations when it comes to betting. Sports betting was legal in Oregon before the aforementioned repeal of the PASPA and online sports betting was made legal in this state shortly after the new law had passed. 

In the state of Oregon you can bet online using legal sportsbooks, where citizens may wager without fear of prosecution, are popular choices for those who like the variety and anonymity that comes with legal sports betting. It is recommended to stay informed on the subject and check trustworthy sources, such as this guide that covers Oregon punter's favorite sportsbooks, navigating you through the legislation concerning sports betting related activities in Oregon. Betting on live events through these sportsbooks and operators is an important component for Oregon citizens' wagering experiences since they can watch how their bets are progressing in live time. This will be reflected in the odds, which bookmakers will adjust as the game unfolds. 

For the time being, it is illegal to make a bet in person in Texas, with the exception of the casino cruises and boats which float around in the water.  However, there are still ways for residents of the Lone Star State to participate in betting online. You can either keep on travelling to adjacent states where sports betting is permitted, or alternatively you can open an account with an offshore sportsbook and make a bet.

Until Texas legalises sports betting, no sportsbook can operate there, therefore if you want to bet on sports in Texas, you'll have to do it on the internet using an offshore sportsbook which you deem to be safe and can trust. 

The same is true in Florida. The Seminole Tribe agreed to pay $500 million to the state in 2019 provided the state agreed to close down specified player games at pari-mutuel facilities. The arrangement was rejected by Governor Ron DeSantis, and the state's existing $330 million instalments to the tribe were stopped. To make up for the money that has been lost by the Seminole tribe which has not paid, makes  the demand for sports betting exceptionally higher. 

There are eight pro sports teams in Florida, as well as many Division I schools. Having 21 million residents, Florida is a popular location for tourists and locals alike, so policymakers should hop on the sports betting bandwagon and start bringing in money from both groups.

With all this in mind, for the time being there are no online betting facilities which can legally operate from the state of Florida. However, there are no laws in place at the moment which prohibit individuals from using an offshore sportsbook to bet online while in the Sunshine State. 

New Jersey
There are nine million people living in New Jersey, and the state's entertainment and gambling capital, Atlantic City, is home to many of them. This little eastern seaboard city has a well-deserved image as a mini-Las Vegas, drawing visitors from all corners of the globe looking to party, gamble, and generally enjoy themselves.

In New Jersey, sports wagering is permitted. Being among  one of the first jurisdictions to authorise sports betting after the PASPA verdict is New Jersey.

Visiting a bookmaker in person might be exhilarating, but sometimes it's more practical to place a wager when you're on the go or when you're just straight up chillin’. With online sportsbooks, bettors can participate in betting from the comfort of their own home or office without having to go to the nearest sportsbook.

Many of the actual venues in New Jersey have mobile choices, making it possible to play at sportsbooks on the go while travelling in New Jersey. 

New York
It is permitted to gamble on sports at licensed sportsbooks in New York. There are a number of sportsbooks at corporate and tribal casinos in New York. Even if phone betting is not yet allowed, you may still join up at offshore sportsbooks if you want to extend your stay in New York in order to place a wager.

A budget pact between Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislators is set to go into effect in April 2021, although the specific day and time has not yet been confirmed. New York's economy might benefit greatly from the policy reform.

For the time being, it is not illegal in New York to use offshore sportsbooks however. You can open an online sportsbook account, deposit money, and begin betting in just a few moments from anywhere when travelling in New York, so long as you’ve got a solid internet connection. Simply said, it's like having your own personal sportsbook in your pocket.

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