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Is traveling good for your mental health: Ten things you should know


If you are planning a trip somewhere soon, you may want to consider reading this guide until the end.

When it comes to our mental health, we should take it seriously. Even on bad days, we need to preserve it to the best of our ability. One of the best ways to do this is travel.

This guide will go over the ten things you should know about travel and whether it’s beneficial for your mental health or not. This is put together by New Waters Recovery, a treatment facility that can assist you or someone you know in the event of any potential mental issues that arise. If you are planning a trip somewhere soon, you may want to consider reading this guide until the end.

Let’s get started.

It can relieve stress
Needless to say, you may run into the occasional delay or hiccup. However, travel for the most part is proven to relieve stress. According to one study published in 2013, more than three-quarters of survey respondents said that traveling increased their general mood.

It’s no surprise that people would yearn for a vacation when stress at work happens. Who is to say that we can blame them? You can take the time off to travel and enjoy the new places you never thought you’d be in your life.

It can improve your life’s outlook
In the same 2013 study, 80 percent of the respondents said that their outlook on life had improved when they traveled. There’s something about traveling that will not only improve your mood but really help you think about life in general.

The experiences you’ve gone through, the new people you meet, it makes life better than it seems. You may also be looking forward to the future even more. This can include future travel plans that you might have.

You may work for yourself and have your own business. You might be able to afford traveling on a regular basis. Especially when we live in the age where people can work from anywhere.

You can take part in various activities
These activities can be done by yourself or in a group. They include hiking, walking, skiing, or other recreational activities. You might even find yourself in a place where there are scenic views.

You’ll be amazed by the views and the beauty of the outdoors. If that doesn’t boost your mood, what well. In fact, if you are surrounded by a lot of greenery, it can improve your mood a lot.

Don’t believe us? Go for a walk outside and see how your mood changes. Better yet, see if you can add plants in your house and check for changes in your mood.

It’s something that makes you happy
This is pretty self-explanatory. If traveling makes you happy, then it does. Not only that, you’re always going to do something that will make you feel good.

You can do something that excites you one day. The next day, you can find a new activity you’ve always wanted to try. There’s nothing more exciting about trying something new such as rock climbing, skydiving, or maybe something else.

During your trip, each day is a new adventure. You’ll wake up wondering what the day itself would bring. The uncertainty of it can be very exciting.

Time away from work can help boost productivity and energy
As mentioned earlier, time away from work can be much needed. When you return, you’ll feel rested, recharged, and renewed. Simply put, you’ll have more energy to get stuff done (which increases productivity).

What makes this better is that you can be able to knock out the work quickly and efficiently with this new found energy and productivity. If you are able to control your work/life balance, this can be a common thing. You can finish work so you can enjoy the rest of your day.

You’ll feel love and belonging when traveling with loved ones
If you are traveling with family, you can also meet the needs of being loved and belonging. You do this by sharing your travel memories with the ones you love. A family vacation can be the solution to this.

Take the spouse and kids with you. If you are a single parent, you can take just the kids. Traveling with family can really boost the mood and improve your mental health in so many ways. You can talk about the memories years after the fact.

Traveling to retreats can be a great option
Most people will travel for vacation. Others may go to attend a retreat that can last a period of time. These usually involve meditation and mindfulness.

You can learn new things that you can include in your regular routine for your physical and mental well-being. Even yoga can be included as part of the deal. Imagine traveling somewhere where you spend a few days or even weeks.

You’ll come back ready to try a new routine that will improve your mind, body, and soul. If you haven’t traveled to a retreat yet, you’re missing out.

It boosts your creativity and brain function
If you are a creative person, traveling can increase it to new levels. You may also find yourself thinking more in-depth. You may also come up with ideas you haven’t come up with before.

Not only will you be able to put your newfound creativity to the test, your brain function will also increase for the better. You’ll be thinking more clearly, be mentally sharp, and feel like you’re thinking a few steps ahead.

It helps you connect with other people
When you’re traveling, you’ll come across so many new people. You’ll converse with them and share things about each other. This can include favorite destinations, experiences they have had, and so on.

You’ll make new friends and keep in touch with them. Who knows? You may have made a few friends that you might travel with in the future.

It can also challenge your resilience
As mentioned, unforeseen circumstances can happen. These can challenge your resilience and how you can handle what may be thrown your way. Sure, they can be stressful on their own.

So it’s up to you to come up with positive ideas on how to cope with them. If you are able to do this, you’ll know that you are resilient enough to handle the things that can happen beyond your control.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

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