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JOALI Maldives — Silver certified by EarthCheck


JOALI Maldives has achieved Silver Certification from EarthCheck, the world’s leading business advisory group specialising in sustainability for the tourism industry. The resort is a passionate supporter of sustainability and is devoted to responsible luxury. It features an array of original, experiential works of art and dynamic design, all of which reflect the beauty of nature and are built with sustainability in mind. JOALI Maldives is committed to eliminate single-use plastic and offers eco-friendly alternatives to all guests and staff. All amenities are vegan and chemical-free to protect corals and sea life. Local goods are sourced from neighbouring islands, where possible, and many vegetables and herbs are grown at its organic Chef’s Garden. JOALI Maldives focuses on reducing waste; food and garden waste are composted to natural fertilizer; packaging, cans, glass, and paper waste are recycled; and wastewater is treated and reused. The resort is also home to a desalinating water bottling plant which allows to produce its own drinking water in glass bottles.

Supporting ecological conservation, JOALI Maldives’ Reef Restoration Programme promotes the natural recovery of the island’s surrounding reef ecosystem, whereby ‘fragments of hope’ — tiny corals are transplanted onto the existing house reef to help it regenerate.

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