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Juniper partners with Pruvo to help Juniper ́s customers increase profitability


Partnership will allow Juniper ́s customers to increase hotel booking profitability by 36% on average.

Juniper, a leader in technology solutions for the international travel industry, announced a new partnership with Pruvo, a leading hotel booking profit optimization service. This partnership will allow Juniper clients that include, among others, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Wholesalers, Incoming Agencies (DMCs) and Bed Banks to enable Pruvo's hotel “Repricing” module and start increasing profitability on hotel bookings that were already sold.

Pruvo's system leverages the price fluctuations that occur in the market and converts those price changes into real profits. The system detects price drops in the market by utilizing its sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm and automatically rebooks the exact same room (or a better one) for a lower price and increases profitability for the travel company.

"In these unprecedented times for the tourism sector, it is important to provide technological solutions that can help confront the situation and maximize travel companies profit margin for each hotel reservation," says Itai Marcipar, CEO of Pruvo. “We are excited about this partnership since it allows hundreds of travel companies connected to Juniper ́s platform to increase their hotel bookings profitability by utilizing Pruvo ́s repricing solution, without having to invest any resources in the integration process.”

With this partnership, OTAs, travel agencies and wholesalers will be able to take advantage of price fluctuations to increase their profitability and generate additional profits” says Juan Mateos, Juniper's General Manager.

The benefits of this new partnership for Juniper ́s customers include:

  • Increasing hotel booking profits by 36% on average.
  • No need for any integration for the travel company connected to Juniper.
  • Generate new hotel sales using Pruvo's Marketplace.
  • First onboarded agencies will enjoy a limited time promotion to test out the solution free of charge.
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