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Kambr and Navitaire partner to improve integration of real-time revenue management for LCCs


Partnership joins leading digital retailing and revenue management solutions to help LCCs boost revenue, flexibility and speed to market, thanks to the integration of real-time data.

MINNEAPOLIS – Kambr and Navitaire, an Amadeus company, have announced a partnership to help low-cost carriers (LCCs) accelerate revenue opportunities leveraging real-time data by enhancing the existing integration of Kambr’s Eddy revenue management (RM) system and Navitaire’s New Skies digital reservations and retailing solution. 

Both companies bring deep experience working with LCCs that recognize the value of tight integration to deliver greater efficiency and speed to market. Navitaire has more than 60 LCCs that rely on its digital sales, advanced retailing, and ancillary revenue generation and optimization capabilities – key elements of an LCC’s value proposition. LCCs favor Kambr and its Eddy RM system for its intuitive, efficient workflows and easy integration with a wide variety of data sources and data science practices. Kambr’s and Navitaire’s strengths are a natural fit, especially for supporting fast-growing LCCs.

Uniting these powerful platforms connects two solutions tailored to the dynamic nature of revenue management and optimization of fares and ancillaries. Navitaire’s real-time data, a hallmark of the New Skies reservations and retailing system, will deliver high-fidelity booking and event data to Kambr’s easy to use, efficient workflows, creating a powerful solution to let LCCs adapt to market trends and capture intra-day revenue opportunities.

The Kambr and Navitaire platforms’ open architecture and cloud-enabled connectivity also provide more flexibility to let LCCs sync data between platforms and enable quicker, lower friction implementations. This allows teams to focus attention on potential revenue generation opportunities rather than technical hurdles.

The Kambr-Navitaire partnership goes beyond data integration. The companies will collaborate to maintain compatibility with upcoming releases of their respective platforms to enable smoother upgrades. They will also align to explore and expand integration with commercial solutions such as Navitaire’s Airfare and Ancillary Pricing Optimization (APO) to let airlines more easily leverage the strengths of the platforms in a seamless fashion.

“Real-time connectivity and direct data integrations are often talked about with the commercial airline industry but is seldom executed, especially in a means conducive to the success of LCCs. Now, we’re changing all of that,” said Jason Kelly, CEO and founder, Kambr. “We’ll continue to work closely together both in terms of product and people in order to build the future of aviation and lift the revenues of low-cost carriers around the world.”

“We believe our partnership with Kambr brings together two strong players united in helping LCCs unlock revenue opportunities using innovative, easy-to-use solutions,” said David P. Evans, Navitaire CEO. “Our shared commitment to leveraging modern technology and simple data integration opens the door to help airlines increase their revenue optimization with greater efficiency and market agility.”

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