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LeisureLink and CiiRUS announce new partnership

The two-way integration with LeisureLink connects Ciirus clients with seamless access to industry’s largest online distribution network, more reservations and increased revenue.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – LeisureLink and CiiRUS Vacation Rental Software have announced a new partnership that will give CiiRUS clients a direct link to LeisureLink’s global distribution network of top online travel channels including Expedia, Booking.com, HomeAway, Airbnb, and Priceline. The two-way interface provides an automated connection between the systems that efficiently improves access to all the leading Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Online Travel Agency (OTA) websites, maximizing revenue potential and exposure on these sites. For a full list of LeisureLink’s distribution partners click here.

The highly anticipated new integration enables CiiRUS system users to activate LeisureLink as a channel to build and manage their property listings and distribute data in real-time to the vast network. LeisureLink will spontaneously receive property details including descriptions, amenities, photos, availability, bedroom data, rates, and nightly restrictions. Since 2005, CiiRUS has continually expanded their vacation rental software and services. Real-time quoting engine, vendor access and reporting, homeowner management, as well as responsive website design and marketing are some of the reasons CiiRUS is miles ahead of their competitors. The latest decision to team up with LeisureLink has significantly strengthened capabilities and value to their customer base, providing over 10,000 properties in five continents.

“CiiRUS strives to go beyond simply providing a reservation engine by offering one centralized system to help our clients manage their entire business,” explains Roberto Dicarlo, CEO of CiiRUS. “There have been enormous changes recently in the evolving vacation rental industry, and more are sure to come. LeisureLink offers superior technology and unsurpassed industry experience that enable property management companies to transition successfully into an increasingly complex emerging market. The integration will deliver the most innovative technology, along with the highest quality of services to help our clients stay competitive and increase reservations without any additional effort. We look forward to the positive impact that this new collaboration will bring.”

LeisureLink is the world’s leader in distribution and booking solutions that help vacation rental property managers maximize bookings online, offline, anywhere. With a full suite of services, including expert merchandising, revenue management, and distribution optimization, LeisureLink has delivered over $1B in bookings since 2007 and is the trusted choice of thousands of lodging providers.

LeisureLink CEO, Julian Castelli, adds, “Partnering with CiiRUS made perfect sense as both of our companies are recognized for delivering best-in-class software tools and services to our clients. By offering easy access to the industry’s leading online travel distribution channels, LeisureLink brings a quality layer of services to CiirRUSto increase market exposure and profitability to their clients."

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