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Lovely Lima: Six experiences you shouldn't miss in the Peruvian capital


Here are six wonderful things you should not miss.

Lima is Peru's capital and is situated on the Pacific coast, therefore there is a surprising range of activities to suit the interests of all sorts of visitors, from magnificent historical structures to exciting times at the beach. It is situated between the valleys of the Chillón, Rmac, and Lurn Rivers and has a population of almost nine million people, making it the third-largest city in the Americas. So what can you do when you're in Lima? Here are six wonderful things you should not miss. 

Plaza de Armas
Plaza de Armas, Lima's vast central plaza, is also known as Plaza Mayor and serves as the city's most convenient starting place for sightseeing tours. In the earthquake of 1746, most of Lima's old buildings were destroyed, leaving just the bronze fountain in the middle of the Plaza de Armas, constructed in 1651, to remain.

As a result of the earthquake-induced reconstruction, the Plaza de Armas area has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also in the plaza are three more buildings: the Archbishop's Palace, the House of Oidor, and the Palacio del Gobierno, where Peruvian President José San Martin proclaimed independence in 1821. On weekdays at noon, you can watch the changing of the guard, which is a famous tourist attraction. Once you've done all that, heading back to hotels in Lima, Peru, will offer you a well-earned rest!

Walk along the Malecon de Miraflores
In Miraflores, there is an elevated promenade known as Malecon, which offers stunning views of the ocean and the nearby beaches. It's a must-see in Lima, Peru, because of its stunning vistas and easy-to-follow path.

Miraflores is a popular destination for visitors and residents alike since it provides stunning views of the coast and is both clean and large. Visit the Larcomar shopping center for the amazing view, see paragliders flying overhead, rent a bike, or simply stroll through fields and lovely gardens brimming with flowers. Within Miraflores and the neighboring district of San Isidro is also where you can find neo-classic architecture, cobblestone streets, excellent dining, and good shopping options and it also is the place to find the best hotels in Lima, Peru – so make sure to start your stay from here!

Convento de San Francisco
The catacombs of Lima's earliest cemetery, San Francisco church and monastery, hold the remains of roughly 10,000 individuals. Bones line the small passageways that go below the chapel. Bones and skulls are placed in a geometric style in a huge circular hole in one area. If there is a Mass going on upstairs, the sound echoes through the catacombs, making it truly atmospheric. 

Just a note, however: visitors who are claustrophobic should avoid them since the ceilings are low, and the passageways connecting chambers are much lower, necessitating individuals to duck while entering. The catacombs, however, are towards the conclusion of a tour of the cathedral, so you can bypass them and still enjoy the cathedral itself. 

Lima Cathedral
The Plaza de Armas' eastern side is dominated by Lima's cathedral. Originally built in 1535, the cathedral was extended in 1564, based on Seville's cathedral, which was built in the 16th century.

An earthquake in 1687 damaged the cathedral, but it was immediately repaired and still stands as it did before the major quake of 1746. The magnificently carved choir, a sculpture of Jesus in the chapel of St. John the Baptist, and the altars in the extravagant Spanish Baroque style known as churrigueresque are all worth seeing, and some hotels in Lima Peru even offer a view of the cathedral. 

Parque del Amor
The Parque del Amor (which translates to the Park of Love) on the Malecón in Miraflores is by far the most beautiful (and romantic) site to view the sunset. Tile mosaics covering the walls are frequently compared to those constructed by Antoni Gaud for Barcelona's Parc Güell.

Mosaics incorporate words by Peruvian writers, including Augusto Tamayo Vargas and Abelardo Sánchez León. The park's centerpiece, El Beso (The Kiss), a large sculpture of an embracing couple constructed by Peruvian artist Victor Delfn, can be located along the clifftop walkways, which are covered with flowers.

Every night, the Parque del Amor is open until 11pm, after which visitors can retire to their hotels in Lima, Peru, satisfied they have had a wonderful day and seen some exquisite sights. 

The Larco Museum
In the inside of an 18th-century vice-royal building, the Larco Museum exhibits a pre-Colombian art show. More than 50,000 pots depict ceramic works from the Cupisnique, Chim, Chancay, Nazca, and Inca civilizations. Make a stop at the on-site Café del Museo, which is set just across from a private garden filled with bougainvillea. It's just stunning.

Take an organized tour around the Larco Museum if you want to thoroughly appreciate this fascinating place and learn more about the exhibitions while also learning the antique significance of old artifacts. It is ideal for individuals who want to be able to ask as many questions as they want; the tour guides will be happy to help you.

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