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Lufthansa stations four additional Airbus A350s at Munich Airport


Munich Airport welcomes Lufthansa’s decision as an important signal for the aviation hub.


The decision announced by Lufthansa to station four additional, state-of-the-art long-haul Airbus A350s at its Bavarian hub has been welcomed by Munich Airport. For the Bavarian Finance Minister and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Munich Airport, Albert Füracker, Lufthansa’s decision is a significant boon for Bavaria’s international links and mobility: “The expansion of the direct connections from Bavaria’s gateway to the world to major international cities will benefit all travelers and the entire economic area of Southern Germany. Therefore, the reinforcement of the long-haul fleet at Munich Airport with particularly fuel-efficient and low-emission aircraft is also very good news for all Bavarian companies that rely on fast and reliable international connections.”

Jost Lammers, CEO of Munich Airport, adds: “Especially in the current crisis, this is an extremely important signal that promises an additional boost for our premium hub in Munich. With now 21 Airbus A350s, Lufthansa can offer even more long-haul flights at its Bavarian hub and thus further consolidate Munich’s excellent international links. At the start of the upcoming summer flight schedule, for example, Lufthansa will serve two highly attractive long-haul destinations – San Diego and Rio de Janeiro – directly from Munich for the first time. It will also offer flights to Bangkok again.

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