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Mamava, category creator of lactation pods, now on all 50 US states


Women-owned, American-made, and essential in supporting breastfeeding, Mamava, the lactation suite category creator, announce that, with lactation pods recently placed in Montana and West Virginia, they will be available in all 50 states. This milestone marks a major achievement for Mamava, a company born to transform the culture of breastfeeding in the U.S. by creating infrastructure that makes breastfeeding an authentic and easier choice. 

The company placed its first pod at Burlington International Airport in 2013. Today, there are 1,350+ Mamava pods across all 50 states and Puerto Rico, in spaces including airports, hospitals, schools, corporate offices, sports stadiums, zoos, museums and military bases. Mamava has changed the face of public transportation hubs and private businesses with an iconic pod-shaped design created to be a calming oasis for mothers, a billboard for breastfeeding support, and a flexible, easy-to-implement solution for facilities and employers. Mamava pods are linked into a proprietary smart technology system that empowers easy wayfinding and autonomous access. Moms can locate and open the pods with Mamava’s free app. The app also links helpful resources (like Mamava’s legislation guide) that empower mothers to advocate for themselves and support each other. 

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