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Mark Allewell steps down as Tourism Radio CEO

After being at the helm of Tourism Radio for over eight-years, Cape Town entrepreneur Mark Allewell has officially stepped down as company CEO. Allewell will retain all his business interests in Tourism Radio, as well as continue to offer strategic and advisory support. As of the 1st of November this year, Braddock officially assumed the position of CEO while remaining based in New Zealand as Managing Director, where he will also oversee operations in South Africa and Spain. Under Braddock’s leadership, Tourism Radio New Zealand has become a recognised travel brand, achieving year-on-year business growth of more than 30%. He has also played a pivotal role in forging the company’s lasting partnership with Tourism Holdings Limited, Australasia’s premier tourism company. The transition for Braddock to the role of CEO has been planned for the last 18-months, and he will be assisted by Francesco Stemmet, who has assumed the General Manager role of Tourism Radio South Africa. Stemmet has been with the company for the past five-and-a-half-years.
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