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Milan Bergamo maintains development 2030 masterplan


The expansion also includes the current extension works to the western side of the existing building.

Milan Bergamo Airport continues to maintain its infrastructure development masterplan with the recent unveiling of the Italian gateway’s new extra-Schengen arrivals area, just one part of a 435 million euros investment to increase the whole terminal to a total of 70,000m². The expansion also includes the current extension works to the western side of the existing building, in preparation of a future direct connection to railway services, significantly increasing connectivity options for the airport’s passengers.

Milan Bergamo is considerably investing in the future to further develop and place itself as one of the leading gateways to Milan, and indeed Italy. “We must look forward and remain positive that we will return to pre-pandemic traffic levels, and therefore we must remain prepared and ready for the future,” explains Giacomo Cattaneo, Director of Commercial Aviation, SACBO. “While we increase and develop our infrastructure, we remain loyal to our ‘easy’ approach for both passengers and our airline partners. We want to ensure we continue to be a quick and vibrant airport, full of services and facilities for all.”

Focusing on the passenger experience, Milan Bergamo reconfigured its terminal to create more room in a creative and sustainable way. Among the initial phases, the airport has devoted particular attention to passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs) and has created a new PRM Lounge dedicated to those with special needs. “As everyone becomes more conscious and aware of those around them, it is even more important for us to ensure each and every one of our passengers, regardless of their ability levels, has access to our premium products to allow them to pass through safely and efficiently,” comments Cattaneo.

Direct to Dakar
While building work continues to gather momentum, the airport remains resolute in growing its route network and has justifiably celebrated Blue Panorama’s inaugural flight to Dakar. Launched last Friday, the Italian airline’s link to the capital city of Senegal joins the airport’s increasing range of African routes alongside flights to Morocco and Egypt. “We’re over the moon that Blue Panorama has recognised the demand in the market and has chosen to serve the large Senegalese community in Italy from Milan Bergamo. Despite the hardships of this year we continue to be committed to our passengers and partners and it’s extremely rewarding at this time to achieve and fulfil a goal,” added Cattaneo.

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