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Monarch Air Group: domestic private flights are about to exceed pre-pandemic figures


Fort Lauderdale based private jet provider identifies some key trends for the second half of 2021.

As the gap is closing on the private aviation sector’s pre-pandemic, as reported by WingX’s latest weekly business aviation bulletin, the industry’s 2021 performance needs to be interpreted against 2019, evidencing a return to normality instead of a mere rebound from a pandemic-heavy 2020. The most positive numbers stem from the charter segment, especially for domestic flights, which could even exceed pre-pandemic figures. As for Monarch Air Group figures, the company shows higher than the industry growth rate at 177% year over year due to the success of its unique quoting tool.

Private jet flexibility
The private aviation sector will continue to demonstrate its flexibility throughout the pandemic. Business jet and prop flights so far this month are up by 123% compared to May 2020, and year-to-date, business aviation traffic is up by 34% this year compared to last, according to WingX. Another important aspect to highlight is the type of aircraft that clients are chartering. As registered by Monarch Air Group’s air charter online quoting system, light, midsized and super midsized jets are the go-to options when chartering a flight, especially driven by an increase in domestic.

On the same line, international travel should remain stagnant overall with some exceptions as travel from South Florida to the Caribbean. Some uncertainty with vaccinations, closed borders, and overall distrust with how some foreign governments have handled the outbreak situation will remain playing a factor throughout 2021 in the eyes of potential international travelers.

Work during leisure travel
Working from home will remain the norm as businesses are shifting to this standard. This means less transatlantic board meetings and long-haul flights for corporate gatherings. Although increased movements to leisure destinations as top executives can take their work to their favorite luxury hotel, alongside their family. In essence, distinguishing between leisure and business travel in the will be more complex in the future.

The previous has also contributed to register an increased number of first-time flyers. Entire families searching for a safe option to travel to a leisure destination have opted for private aviation as their means of transportation, usually chartering a midsize jet for their flight. And those passengers in need for a quick flight have also relied in this sector’s flexibility, amidst the commercial aviation’s uncertainties.

The market will continue offering clients a swift and safe option during a pandemic, minimizing exposure to the virus. This was the case initially in Europe and in the states, and is being witnessed more recently in India, where passengers are booking flights to safe retreats in Europe and the Middle East.

The outlook
In essence, Monarch Air Group predicts that the global private aviation market will continue thriving during 2021, surpassing pre-pandemic levels even as commercial aviation picks up its pace, especially for the on demand private aviation segment, fueled by its flexibility and commitment-less proposal for a safe private jet flight. Furthermore, there is an expectation that international private jet travel will increase at the end of the yea, thanks to more certainty on the vaccinations and the holidays.

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