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Moovit adds 1,500th city to world’s top public transport app


The addition of Dayton, U.S., marks a significant coverage milestone for Moovit, giving its 70 million users the opportunity to travel the world with just one app.

LONDON - Moovit announced the addition of the 1,500th city to the world’s most popular public transport app, an achievement that will be enjoyed worldwide by over 70 million people who enjoy using Moovit to get from A to B via the easiest route possible whilst holidaying abroad or at home.

77 countries are now covered by Moovit’s transport app and Dayton, U.S. marks the 1,500th city making its way into the largest database of transport data in the world. The city is one of 26 already added to Moovit so far in August, alongside additional cities in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Poland, Portugal and the U.S. Moovit now launches in a new city every 15 hours. Next on the list are the Polish cities Gdansk, Cgynia and Sopot, to be followed by Toowoomba, Australia. Then Chengdu, China.

Named Google’s top local app in 2016, Moovit stands apart from the hundreds of local transport apps currently available that are managed by bus or rail companies, cities, or independent organisations that repackage publicly available transport data for a small number of metropolitan areas.

Moovit’s ubiquity is due to its unique way of collecting transport data. Mixing available public data, including transit timetables and live information, with crowdsourced data from its more than 70 million users and 180,000-strong community of local volunteers, the company has amassed the world’s largest repository of transport data. 

Moovit uses this data to provide local commuters and tourists everything they need to get around town via public transport in the easiest and most convenient way via its free app, including the most accurate and precise transport directions, timetables and stop locations anywhere.

Crowdsourcing: Moovit’s Competitive Advantage
Moovit has opened its app in 250 cities around the world so far in 2017 alone. Of those, more than 150 were opened exclusively from the contribution of its community of 180,000 local volunteers called “Mooviters” who make Moovit the Wikipedia of public transport. Mooviters are eager to provide better transport information in their cities and towns where local apps are insufficient or non-existent. Moovit enables Mooviters to “map” the transport information in their communities by using a proprietary local editor tool to add stops, routes, timetables and other information on Moovit’s app. Doing this significantly improves the transport experience and makes Mooviters local heroes.

Thanks in part to the Mooviter program, the company now has more than 2,000 cities in its launch pipeline and adds a new city every 15 hours.

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