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Hotel renovation

Motel revival taking place in seaside village of Morro Bay, CA

Travelers find unique renovated places to stay and play in this waterfront town.

MORRO BAY, CALIF. - Motel owners in Morro Bay, CA have created a contagious spirit of lodging revival in this quaint fishing town located on the Central Coast of California along scenic Highway 1. A motor court building boom during the 50s and 60s in California created a boon in tourism in many cities like Morro Bay that offered vacationers access to expansive beaches, a bustling harbor, boutique shops, restaurants, fresh seafood and abundant wildlife. Now, what was once passe and dated is now novel and boutique in Morro Bay as many of these classic properties receive smart renovations and are thriving in this California beach community.

Classic Renewal  
Joan Solu loved the original vintage sign at the Pleasant Inn Motel dating back to 1954, so in early 2014 she and her husband John purchased the motel and did a full-scale renovation. "It's so cute – it's so California!" Joan said.

A Little Love Goes a Long Way
Colleen Aceto, former manager of Best Western El Rancho Motel thinks personal relationships are part of the charm behind motor lodges. "It's our returning guests that make up most of our business," Colleen said. The completed renovations kept the integrity of the property's past intact.  

Committed to their Guests
Amit Patel and his wife bought the Days Inn Motor Lodge in 2010 and immediately set out to make some changes, leading to the complete renovation in progress. Painted light blue with white trim, and decorated with red, white and blue flags, the Days Inn has that classic Americana feel.

A Family Affair
Harold Biaggini bought waterfront land decades ago where the Embarcadero Inn still sits today. Still owned by the local Biaggini family, renovations of all the rooms are taking place and they named the breakfast suite The Birdfeeder in honor of the area's amazing year-round bird-watching.

Creativity is Key
Each property seems to have its own special niche and theme and none more so than Bayfront Inn owned and operated by well-known local artist Jayne Behman. She created each room with themes that complemented her paintings. "Each room is different," she said, "and there are accessories that fit the themes."

Photo caption: Morro Bay's Pleasant Inn Motel.

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