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Move over, Millennials - Here's why retirees should be traveling the world


After retirement, time and money typically become much more secure, allowing retirees to finally plan their around-the-world endeavor that they always dreamed of.

There are many reason to travel the world. Unfortunately, time and money - or rather lack thereof - play a major role in halting these plans before they ever get started.

But after retirement, time and money typically become much more secure, allowing retirees to finally plan their around-the-world endeavor that they always dreamed of. However, many still choose to remain home, citing high prices, complicated travel plans, and lack of comfort as major concerns.

However, this is a common misconception: Traveling around the world after retirement is easier than you’d think. In fact, retirees, free from societal constraints, are in perhaps the best position to plan a trip across the world.

Experiences are greater than money
When you are retired, there is no need to continue to save money -- you made it this far, so why not go enjoy yourself? Experiences are worth far more in the whole scheme of things. Just as you reminisce about quality family gatherings, similarly a trip to a foreign country brings memories that won’t easily be forgotten.

Imagine proudly showing your grandkids a picture next to the majestic Machu Picchu - and laughing about the trials and tribulations that went into getting to that point. Or explaining to your friends back home that Thai food is, in fact, the best food in the world. Or simply recalling fondly the friendly local street vendor who invited you to dinner with his family after a brief conversation. Not only will you enjoy reliving these memories yourself, but you’ll enjoy sharing them with your loved ones back home.

While it may be tempting to invest your money in the stock market or treat yourself to a new car, the fact of the matter is that experiences will give you much more joy, allowing you to live a much happier life. Simply put, a $25,000 car, while giving you a fleeting feeling of satisfaction, will only decrease in value, while a good memory will last a lifetime.

Changing perspectives
There is so much hate in the world simply due to a lack of knowledge about other people in the world - the world is indeed a big place. Just a quick perusal of the popular news stories of the day will show you just how much unneeded animosity exists in the modern world.

Traveling allows you to see how rural people across the world live the same way that you do. Everyone is human in the end, with more similarities than differences - yet many want to paint the world only in black and white.

But the world is not just black and white. Just as Americans have complex emotional, political, and personal interests and objectives, so do the inhabitants of the rest of the world. Preconceived notions about how the rest of the world acts only build when people fail to venture from their comfort zones. Travelling unlocks the ability to empathize and relate with people in far different cultures. Even former First Lady Michelle Obama agrees that travel plays a major part in broadening perspectives and promoting a more peaceful world.

These experiences gained are vital in helping you grow empathy, humility, and compassion for the world and those who inhabit it. By traveling, you are able to walk in someone else's shoes for a while, and see the world through their eyes.

Travel with the comfort you desire
When people think of travel they largely think of the uncomfortable side: Visas, immigration queues, and long flights are enough to make anyone cringe.

And for the most part, these fears are correct. Traveling on a budget can be excruciating for those not accustomed to it. From the United States, it takes a minimum of six hours to fly to Europe. Your options are either to fly in a cramped economy class or upgrade to business class - which can be costly. The money it takes to upgrade could be much better spent doing something more worthwhile.

Fortunately, there is an easy antidote for this: luxury cruises. Traveling can be a lot more comfortable than ever imagined within the comfortable confines of a boat. Luxury cruises, some going around the entire world, allows you to live in a fine hotel accommodation, relax while the ship is at sea, and experience the best that each country has to offer at each of the various stops.

For the same price as a business class round-trip flight to Europe, you can enjoy constant companionship, five-star accommodation, gourmet meals, and a multitude of entertainment options for a whole week. In retirement, you don’t have to worry about deadlines to get back to, which means that instead of a costly uncomfortable flight, you can take the scenic route to your destination, with relaxation on your mind instead of anxiety.

After retirement, the easy choice may be to simply move to Florida, passing the time through warm weather and leisure activities. There’s nothing wrong with this approach - you’ve earned the right to do whatever you want with your free time. But why not enjoy these same activities while simultaneously experiencing the best the planet has to offer? The time to see the world is now.

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