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MPI endorses Travel Again Recovery Framework


Partnership creates important step in uniting industry toward sustainable recovery effort.

WASHINGTON, DC – Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the largest meeting and event industry association worldwide, officially endorsed the Travel Again Recovery Framework. The framework consists of a set of specific priorities and recommendations that provides a robust plan for safely rebuilding the travel industry.

“As the association for people who bring people together, we witnessed the tremendously negative impact COVID-19 had on the meetings industry and also understand the need for the travel and meeting industry to come together as one to drive recovery,” said Paul Van Deventer, MPI president and CEO. “We truly believe that our collective passion in conjunction with the priorities and recommendations laid out in the Travel Again Recovery Framework can help fuel the much needed recovery of the travel industry and the global economy as well.”

“As the leading association for meetings and events globally, we are thrilled to have MPI’s support in our efforts to drive travel and economic recovery,” said Mike McCormick, Travel Again co-founder. “We know that in order for a sustainable recovery process to begin, all sectors of the travel industry must unite around a concerted effort and we must systematically address the issues facing traveler confidence on a pan-industry, global level.”

The Travel Again Recovery Framework reflects the work of the organization’s Policy Advisors, which include 25 senior leaders who represent various sectors of the travel industry, as well as input from leading scientists and policy experts. It lays out eight travel industry initiatives for immediate adoption to drive recovery.

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