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Namibia-based Ultimate Safaris introduces their own fleet of self-drive vehicles


All vehicles are automatic transmission and are equipped for standard self-drive safaris, but not for camping safaris.

Ultimate Safaris, the award-winning, leading safari operator in Namibia, is taking the trouble out of travel in the wilderness with the launch of its self-drive safari vehicles. Boasting one of the most experienced, creative, and respected teams of experts in the industry, Ultimate Safaris has taken the ultimate step of offering no-fuss freedom to its guests by answering the calls for uncomplicated and user-friendly vehicle rental. With a focus on redefining luxury safari travel, Ultimate Safaris decided that it made good sense to control this important start-to-finish driving aspect of any trip, in the least complicated way and without unnecessary extra cost.  

Since its founding in 2008 Ultimate Safaris has pioneered new ways to experience the awe-inspiring natural world of Namibia through extensive conservation initiatives, seamless personal service, exceptional leadership, and an unwavering commitment to local communities and conservation. Now it has revved up its reputation for personal attention to ensure guests no longer face queues for rental vehicles at the airport or have to deal with the varied extra charge options when using different vehicle hire companies. 

Everything a guest needs for a seamless self-drive experience will be included from the start, so quotes will be less complicated and there will also be no future rushed handovers of vehicles that have been booked or third-party credit card holders involved, creating a seamless transaction process. 

“The aim is to create exclusive experiences for adventurous and discerning travellers, through insider knowledge and a team that can deliver memorable and authentic moments in the wilderness. Our goal is to provide safaris that combine educational, explorative, fun, and insightful elements that are life enriching. They benefit both local people and places as well as guests while celebrating the uniqueness of Namibia.” Comments Tristan Cowley, Managing Director of Ultimate Safaris.

Here are some of the key features of the newly acquired self-drive rental vehicle fleet:
- All vehicles are automatic transmission and are equipped for standard self-drive safaris, but not for camping safaris.
- Ultimate Safaris will only run 2.4 Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4x4 (ideal for 2 – 4 passengers) and 2.4 Toyota Fortuner 4x4 vehicles (ideal for 2–3 passengers). These vehicles have the best track record for self-drive safaris in Namibia and are ideally suited to the local landscape and conditions.
- There will be one single daily rate regardless of the vehicle type and duration of rental – but high and low season rates will apply. 
- All rental rates are inclusive of zero excess insurance which covers tyre and windscreen damage, but this does not cover undercarriage or wind sandblasting damage which is specifically excluded. An additional driver fee and additional spare wheels are included at no extra cost.
- Rental vehicles will be delivered and handed over at Windhoek accommodation establishments to ensure a stress-free experience, and this will normally be combined with a detailed safari briefing. Vehicles will be collected from the venue of the last night’s stay, but they can also be returned to the airport at no extra charge if necessary.
- One-way delivery fees to other areas within Namibia as well as other extras such as child booster seats and GPS are provided if required.

To make the self-drive option even more appealing, the following extras have also been included and set Ultimate Safaris apart.
- All vehicles are fitted with an electric Engel fridge which is connected to the ignition.
- All vehicle seats are fitted with comfortable Melville & Moon seat covers which are easily washable.
- Additional, second, spare wheels are fitted in a way that ensures maximum space for packing.
- All vehicles have free in-vehicle WiFi which functions in all areas where there is 3G+ cellular coverage. This is already widely available in many parts of mainstream Namibia, and the network is growing rapidly.
- Emergency medical evacuation insurance is included in all rentals, and this will cover the costs of suitable transportation to a private hospital should that become necessary.

A window on art on Windhoek
Many guests begin and end their journey with Ultimate Safaris with a night in Windhoek, the Namibian capital. Returning your self-drive vehicle with time to spare offers the perfect opportunity to experience a few of the cultural treasures available in the city. Unique and rewarding exposure to diverse places as well as extraordinary encounters that are not to be found elsewhere can help to do away with stereotypical opinions and prove genuinely life-enhancing. 

Since Namibian Independence in 1990 an exciting visual arts scene has sprung up with the introduction of various local and international workshops helping a new generation of imaginative and daring young talent to emerge. A half-day or full-day art tour focuses on topics such as contemporary Namibian art history and visual art trends, local social and economic factors, and the role visual arts play in Namibian society. This dovetails with the commitment of Ultimate Safaris to uplift as many lives as possible during guests’ journeys, with the aim to bring guests into direct contact with artists, be it in the most basic studios and homes in the townships of Windhoek or more sophisticated local galleries. 

Guests will meet artists of different disciplines and styles, and they will have the chance to experience artists’ studio activities. The tour not only highlights a different aspect of life in Namibia, but also showcases emerging Namibian art and artists, giving them much-needed exposure to international visitors. It offers the ideal way to explore Windhoek for both art enthusiasts and others who have a genuine interest in cultural life that goes far beyond the superficial. 

Tour participants will also be able to buy original and indigenous Namibian artworks directly from the artists, and Ultimate Safaris is delighted to facilitate any art purchases and the shipping of the pieces as part of its philanthropic effort to support local Namibian art. Helping to expose artists and their work directly to guests improves the visibility and marketability of talented Namibian artists who are currently under-exposed, and this will have a large impact on both their continuing enthusiasm for their art as well as their quality of life.

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