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Navitaire expands Investment in Cloud with move of digital platform


Digital edge enhances capabilities, heightens scalability and performance across Navitaire solutions.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Navitaire, an Amadeus company, has passed another milestone on its journey to deliver more cloud-enabled solutions with the migration of its Navitaire Digital Platform and Navitaire NDC Gateway to Microsoft Azure. This progress represents a key step in Navitaire’s accelerated move of services to the public cloud.

The Navitaire Digital Platform provides modern technology applications to let carriers connect, communicate, sell and inform. Its extensive digital APIs and Digital Experience Suite toolkits allow Navitaire customers to offer mobile, web, kiosk and wearable applications spanning the travel experience, all powered using advanced and open technologies such as JSON, REST, GraphQL and Single Page Application (SPA) frameworks. The Navitaire NDC Gateway is an integrated offer and order management system for New Skies carriers that allows airlines to extend their ticketless retailing capabilities, including optimized pricing of ancillaries, in the indirect sales channel.

Moving the Navitaire Digital Platform and Navitaire NDC Gateway to the cloud creates a rich ‘digital edge’, allowing these key applications to dynamically scale and to be closer to carriers. With greater elasticity, carriers can be better positioned to adapt to evolving business conditions. 

Navitaire solutions, including its flagship New Skies® reservations, e-commerce and retailing platform, are built on a modern technology stack founded on Microsoft technology, making Azure a natural fit for Navitaire’s cloud strategy. This choice benefits from Navitaire’s long-standing relationship with a trusted partner and its deep experience with Microsoft solutions. Using Azure, Navitaire has architected its services to be cloud-agnostic to be responsive to its customers’ needs and minimize potential downline impact. 

This latest development is part of Navitaire’s comprehensive plan to move its services to the public cloud, implementing its long-term cloud strategy centered on enabling customer innovation via a security-focused, pragmatic approach. Navitaire continues to invest in this strategy through development of new cloud-enabled solutions and the migration of additional services to the cloud. Strengthened by its own decades-strong relationship with Microsoft, Navitaire will also use key benefits of the new partnership between Amadeus and Microsoft.

“Navitaire has been at the forefront of leveraging technology to help our customers evolve and grow for over 25 years, and the industry disruption as a result of COVID-19 brings the need for adaptive, scalable solutions even more sharply in focus,” said David P. Evans, Navitaire CEO. “As our customers chart their path to recovery, our expanded cloud offerings are designed to foster innovation and help deliver improved flexibility, responsiveness and efficiency.”

Navitaire Chief Technology Officer, Kyle Stromberg, added, “Aligned with Microsoft Azure, Navitaire continues to deliver on our long-term cloud vision and strategy as we move forward with key investments designed to aid our customers and Navitaire.”

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