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New app offers unique one-stop platform for all essential real-time travel data


Wandry provides accurate, trusted travel information to help people reconnect with the world.

ORLANDO, FLA. - Wandry, the only all-in-one travel planning app that provides comprehensive, accurate travel information for destinations around the world, is now available to help users plan new adventures with confidence. 

The one-stop source of real-time data and crowdsourced recommendations gives users a critical tool for meeting the unique challenges of modern travel. Wandry’s advanced data science-based solution equips travelers to make informed decisions about frequently changing travel protocols and eliminates the stress of navigating multiple platforms for complete and accurate data.

“We’re helping travelers discover all the opportunities that are available so they can reconnect with the world,” said Steve Cohen, founder and CEO of LMS, Inc., Wandry’s parent company. “Our industry expertise and experience in data science and technology give us a unique opportunity to create a streamlined, stress-free platform that gives users immediate access to essential information about travel procedures and restrictions, weather alerts and more, all in one easy-to-navigate mobile app.”

Wandry collects official travel information from government portals around the world to ensure users have convenient, reliable access to accurate and up-to-date information. With its comprehensive data sets and advanced data analysis capabilities, Wandry offers:

  • A detailed overview of a destination’s travel restrictions or any local mandates a traveler should expect to encounter.
  • Real-time assessments of conditions on the ground.
  • Continuously updated weather information.
  • On-the-ground user data about local businesses.

“This app empowers travelers to make the right decision for themselves,” Cohen said. “When individual travelers have the same tools and knowledge the experts have, they’re equipped to make smart, confident decisions based on their circumstances and needs. With Wandry, we’re offering users a big-picture view that can help all of us stay connected and safe.”

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