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Leisure travel

New data report: Leisure travel is making a big comeback


Which travel destinations are topping pre-pandemic levels.

Conductor, an enterprise SEO and organic marketing technology company, just released its most recent report detailing what consumers are searching for when it comes to travel and hospitality.

According to the report, one thing is clear - Leisure travel is making a big comeback, nearing pre-pandemic levels, with some areas like Miami and Virginia Beach even seeing more bookings than in 2019. The new report outlines other clear trends like:

  • Online Travel Agencies are a top pick for travel bookers - Consumers are looking for convenience when booking their travel, with online travel agencies like Expedia and Kayak taking the highest market share of monthly search volume in August 2021
  • There is a clear winner in the crowded motel space - Wyndham is leading the online conversation for motels, owning more than 22% of the monthly search volume thanks to their utilization of specific search optimization tactics 
  • Consumers are seeking out new adventures - African safaris have taken off as a consumer favorite vacation with search volume increasing by more than 239%, thanks to the socially distant nature of this adventure
  • Millennials are changing the way they travel - 73% of millennials indicated that they are more likely to rent or purchase an RV in the future, with RV related search terms increasing by 110% and “outdoorsy rentals” a 1614% increase.
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