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New TripAdvisor homepage makes it easier for travellersto conveniently plan and book a complete trip


Tours and attractions more prominently featured on the world’s largest travel site with addition of “Things to Do” Search and Book Widget.

SINGAPORE – Travel planning and booking site TripAdvisor announced the redesign of the company’s homepage with new feature enhancements that make booking every aspect of a trip more convenient for its community of travellers, in particular, attractions, tours and in-destination activities.

With the debut of a new “Things to Do” widget on the homepage, TripAdvisor is making it easier than ever for travellers to discover and book attractions, tours and local activities right alongside hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants and flights.

More consumers than ever are finding out that TripAdvisor is a great place to book a better and more complete travel experience. Year-to-date, attraction and tour bookings on TripAdvisor¹ have risen 150 percent year-over-year. TripAdvisor has grown its attractions listings by 63 percent during the same period as the company works to make more amazing experiences bookable through the website, along with adding a host of free venues like scenic parks and admission-free museums.

With the new “Things to Do” widget built into TripAdvisor’s updated homepage, users can quickly enter their destination to discover local experiences that can be booked independently, or added to their hotel, vacation rental, restaurant or flight booking. With the continued pairing of millions of traveller reviews and opinions, the new widget will help travellers unleash the full potential of every trip.

“We’re committed to improving the end-to-end planning, booking and in-destination travel experience for our users,” said Jeff Chow, vice president of product, attractions at TripAdvisor. “The tours and attractions industry has been making amazing progress in recent years, moving towards adopting the digital and mobile ways consumers book travel. Our goal is to accelerate this transition by delivering a world full of local travel experiences to our users, instantly bookable on a smartphone, tablet or desktop using TripAdvisor. Giving travellers easy access to an authentic Italian cooking class in Rome, a thrilling helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon and a guided tour of Sydney’s iconic Opera House is just as important as helping them book their lodging or a flight. These are the elements of our travels that turn a good trip into a lifelong memory.”

Additional Feature Enhancements
In addition to the new homepage design, TripAdvisor has also launched other features and perks throughout the site to improve the way travellers find and book a wide range of things to do. These include:

Attractions product pages – Gives travellers a convenient overview of all the bookable tours and attractions in a destination. The pages include filters to help travellers narrow down their search for the perfect tour or activity for their trip.

Inspiring attraction videos – Showcases a sneak peek at exciting things to do so travellers can envision what it would be like to experience that activity firsthand.

Enhanced point of interest search for things to do – Enables location-based searches to help travellers discover things to do near other points on a map, like finding a tour near their hotel, or a landmark near a major airport.

Viator promo code redemption – TripAdvisor is now accepting Viator discount codes on the site. Viator, a TripAdvisor company, is the leading resource for researching, finding and booking the best travel experiences worldwide.

TripAdvisor’s new homepage and feature enhancements are currently available on all English-speaking points of sale.

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