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New Zealand - Favourite destination of the "Wanderlust" Gen Z


Generation Z in New Zealand is being led by different passions in their desire to travel. This article examines the wanderlust of this generation and popular places they wish to go.

Where do you like to go on vacation? I bet if you are over 30 that the answer to that question is a lot different than what you would have said 10 years ago. Maybe even different than what you would have said five years ago. That is one of the interesting things about growing older. The ideal vacation or place to visit changes over time, which can lead us to desire a lot different kinds of adventure than when we were 20, maybe even when we were 25.

Besides destinations changing as we get older, they also change from generation to generation. It is likely that your grandparents saw the world much differently than you do today, so their ideal getaway may even seem boring or ridiculous. This is how things change over time, as the world becomes a different place in the things that drive and inspire people change as well.

This is what has happened with Generation Z. This young group has grown up on technological advancements like the world has never seen, so what they view of a fun time is far different than what their parents would have desired to do. While Generation Zers still want to get out, where they would like to go is fairly unique. Here are some of the things that have brought out the “wanderlust” in this generation.

New Zealand live casino, other hot destinations for Generation Z
One of the things that draws young people to them are things that they were unable to do even a year or two earlier. This is the case with the live Casino, either online or a land-based facility. Because New Zealand has strict laws regarding who is eligible to partake in these activities, it has meant that many of this generation has been unable to play these games until they reached the proper age. Thus, once they were able to do so, they wanted in on the action.

Harrison Newton – part of the expert team behind – has recognized this trend. However, he also points out that Generation Z is not just looking to play games they were unable to a few short years earlier. They like the technological advancements that have happened in this industry, one of them being the live dealer. Now, gamblers are able to actually talk with and watch a live person spinning the wheel, dealing the cards, or raking in the chips.

Because of the advancements in virtual reality and sound and graphics cards, the action almost feels like you are right there at the casino while it is going on. It is helping Generation Z to enjoy casinos in a way their parents never imagined.

Getting in touch with nature
For generations, people have gone hiking, camping, or taken other types of nature excursions. There is a certain bond that people enjoy with nature, and so they have long partaken in these kinds of activities.

This is true of Generation Z as well. They love to connect with nature as well, but the reason in doing so is often much different. Caught up in the hysteria of the “world melting” because of global warming, this generation has sought to turn their wanderlust into a mission to protect the environment from the evils of human intervention.

This is why vacations and getaways are often spent in places where they can get closer to nature and see it from as unspoiled of a perspective as possible. Countries that are “less evolved” than some of the nations of the world are great destinations, especially for New Zealanders. They love places like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and other similar countries where there is a lot of forestation. They can see animals in their natural habitat and get closer to the world they are trying to protect.

Go to what is trending
One of the most unique features of this generation is their ability to communicate with one another through social media. This does not necessarily mean they need to know the person or have any kind of direct interaction with them. What social media has done is introduce them to places and ideas that they may not have ever had contact with 20 years ago.

This is having a huge influence on the wanderlust of Generation Z. They see a site that is trending on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, learn a little bit about it and then instantly have a desire to head to that location. It is the “shiny new object” that attracts them. They find these places irresistible because they are trending.

This is the interesting phenomenon of this generation. They are led to believe in things and follow the direction of others simply because thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people are talking about it. If this is someone who is an influencer to them or who they follow actively, they are more inclined to jump on board and follow the direction of that person or group.

What this means is that the destination that is popular today may not be popular three months from now. Heck, it may not be popular tomorrow. The attention of this generation changes quickly, which can mean that what they want to do today could be significantly different than what they want to do a week from now.

The big cities are still in
While attitudes change from one generation to the next, the truth is that there are still places that New Zealanders love to visit no matter how old they are or what generation they belong to. New Zealand and the surrounding area have a number of great places to visit. This includes going to Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef, The Bay of Islands, or the Rotorua. These are great places no matter when you were born.

The same is true of major cities across the planet. Generation Z members still want to go to New York City, Berlin, Beijing, Jerusalem, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, and Paris. Places that have long garnered the fancy of travelers have still done so in this generation as well.

In fact, this desire may even be stronger in the members of Generation Z. The reason behind it is quite simple. Just 40 years ago, if a person was captivated by the idea of going to Paris this most likely occurred because of something they had seen in a movie, on a television show, or read in a book. That is not the case with this generation.

Instead, the reason they are drawn to these cities is because they often are able to communicate with somebody through social media who lives there. Their circle of friends has expanded far beyond their own city, even beyond their own country, allowing them to communicate directly with people from cities across the globe.

Now, their desire to visit those cities is not just to satisfy curiosity. Instead, they want to go there because they know someone, so they have the opportunity to hang out with a “friend” they met online. This has made the desire to travel to major destinations even stronger than it was for previous generations.

Generation Z is truly a unique generation, but not so unique as you would have thought. They still have many of the same desires to visit places that people in past generations have had. The difference is that the driving force behind those desires are different than they were for their parents, grandparents, and the preceding generations. 

Technology has changed the world for this group like it has for none before them. It is truly extraordinary and makes many wonders what the next generation will be inspired by. What will cause their wanderlust in the future?

Photo by Dirk Vetter from Pixabay

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