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NH Group partners with Bioscore to rate the sustainability standards of its over 350 hotels worldwide


NH Hotel Group and Bioscore have signed a global partnership to score sustainability in its over 350 hotels around the world. Thanks to this agreement, NH takes another step forward in its commitment to sustainability, a strategic value for the company.

VALENCIA, SPAIN - Bioscore – the first company in Spain to offer hotels sustainability certification combined with a software management platform – announces a global partnership with NH Hotel Group, one of the leading hotel companies in Europe and America.

As part of this agreement, Bioscore will qualify the level of sustainability of the more than 350 hotels that NH Hotel Group operates around the world. Thanks to the technology of Bioscore, the properties of NH will be able to monitor their sustainability level and make this information available to the end user.

The hotel properties of NH Hotel Group will also be able to incorporate their Bioscore qualifications into their sales channels, underscoring their commitment to sustainability and differentiating themselves for clients who use the Bioscore certification as new criteria for searching for and booking accommodation.

The Bioscore certification is based on the independent evaluation of a hotel for its sustainability level through a scoring process based on ESG criteria (Environmental, Social and Governance) and aligned with the most relevant parameters of the principal eco-ratings recognized internationally, to thus offer a global vision that recognizes the sustainability efforts made by a hotel.

Elena Ruiz, Director of Sustainable Business at NH Hotel Group, adds: “At NH Hotel Group we’ve already been committed for many years to the well-being of our guests and to the efficient management of the resources available in the places in which the hotels are located. We are aware of the effects of our activity on the environment, and that’s why we work to prevent and anticipate possible environmental side effects, thus integrating sustainability into all our processes, something that is also increasingly demanded by our customers and stakeholders".

We are delighted to have found a partner that can collate and measure consistently the data necessary in all of the markets in which we operate. Our partnership with Bioscore is going to allow us to offer users access to ordered and global information.”

The CEO of Bioscore, Víctor Monzón, confirms: “It gives us great pride to confirm the partnership with NH Hotel Group but the real pleasure is to be able to confirm that its hotels – in total more than 350 around the world – are going to begin the qualification process with us, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability.”

The scoring of Bioscore takes into account the three principal elements of sustainability: environmental, social and governance. The whole process takes place online in an efficient way to make the experience easier for the hotel and the user.

Currently more than 35,000 hotels in the major European holiday destinations have a Bioscore rating.

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