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Nine places that all fish enthusiasts should visit once in their lives


If you’re a fish enthusiast, then this article will have provided you with 9 destinations that you have to visit at least once in your life. Remember: If you’re unable to travel, you can always start collecting fish at home, in a pond and in an indoor aquarium.

Fish are some of the most extraordinary, complex, and mysterious animals on the planet. It’s not hard to see why they’re adored by so many people. If you’re a fish enthusiast, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s no shortage of places for you to visit. There are lots of different types of fish enthusiasts, from fishermen to fish keepers. Whatever your interest is, there’s something for you out there.

In this article, we are going to present a list of places that all fish enthusiasts should visit at least once in their life:

Build your own pond
Before we begin our list of places to visit, it’s worth making a suggestion. Because of the pandemic, international travel restrictions have been introduced in many countries. You may not be able to visit destinations featured on this list, because of these restrictions. You can, however, build your own pond. While a pond in your back garden won’t compete with a largescale aquarium, it will still give you the opportunity to pursue your hobby from home. You can buy koi fish online, as well as other exotic fish. Building a pond at home can be lots of fun, so if you have the time and money, it’s worth giving it a shot.

SEA Life, England
SEA Life London is one of England’s most famous aquariums. It’s very popular with school-age children because it has a number of interactive exhibitions. The aquarium houses a huge range of exotic fish and animals, as well as penguins and sharks. If you’re ever in England, then it’s worth visiting. There’s also another SEA Life aquarium located in Brighton, which is 75.66km south of London. Sea Life Brighton is the world’s oldest aquarium. The building is Victorian in style and houses over 5,500 animals. There are also many other fantastic aquariums in England.

Georgia Aquarium, U.S.A.
Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the United States, housing tens of thousands of animals, including whale sharks. Uniquely, you can actually swim with the aquarium’s whale sharks (if you’re brave enough). Like many other aquariums, there’s a petting area where you can touch baby sharks and stingrays. The aquarium’s most popular attraction is its dolphin show, where trainers show off the tricks that they have taught their bottlenose dolphins. There are lots to do at Georgia Aquarium for fish enthusiasts, so it’s definitely somewhere that you’ll want to add to your list of must-visit places.

Marine Life Park, Singapore
Marine Life Park is Singapore’s largest aquarium. It has over 100,000 marine animals, including hammerhead, silvertip, and sandbar sharks. If you dare, then you can swim alongside these deadly predators. The aquarium also has a world-famous bottlenose dolphin show. Marine Life Park is incredibly popular because just next door, there is a large waterpark, which is a great way to finish your visit to the aquarium. There are over 10 other aquariums in Singapore, but Marine Life Park is definitely the most exciting of all of them. There are also regular exhibitions and interactive exhibits held for children.

Cairns, Australia
Moving away from aquariums for a moment, let’s cover a couple of the world’s best fishing destinations. Cairns is famous for the Great Barrier Reef, which is located off of the coast of Eastern Australia. Cairns is known around the world for its Marlin fishing because 750kg+ Marlins live in its waters. There are also lots of other interesting fish to be found, such as barracuda, cod, coral trout, emperor snapper, nannygai, and turrum. There are also lots of spots for inland fishing, where you can find barramundi, jungle perch, Saratoga, and Tarpon.

Orkney Islands, Scotland
The Orkney Islands are located off of Scotland’s northern coast. They’re a fascinating series of islands with a very interesting culture. Not only are they great for walking, cycling, and general tourism, but they’re great for fishing. There are lots of lochs and rivers for you to fish in. You can also charter a boat out into the North Sea, where there is some fantastic fishing to be had. The Orkney Islands can be difficult to travel to, but they make for a great vacation. You can also visit Scotland on the same trip and visit some of the country’s famous fishing spots, such as Loch Lomond and Oban.

Photo by Claudio Guglieri on Unsplash

Dubai Mall Aquarium, UAE
Moving back to aquariums, Dubai Mall Aquarium is definitely somewhere you’ll want to consider visiting if you’re a fish enthusiast. The aquarium is located in the world’s second-largest shopping all, in Dubai’s very center. The aquarium rises to the mall’s third for. It features a 48-meter tunnel, where people can watch the aquarium’s sharks being fed each day. You also have the ability to feed the aquarium’s baby sharks and learn about the center’s shark breeding program. Dubai is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, so if you ever find yourself there, then you won’t want to miss out on a trip to the Dubai Mall Aquarium.

L'Oceanografic, Spain
L’Oceanografic is one of Europe’s most popular aquariums and has Europe’s longest underwater tunnel, where visitors are able to watch 100 sharks from 21 different species. The aquarium also houses a number of other exotic fish, including barracudas and spiny lobsters. The aquarium also holds live music events, bottlenose dolphin shows, and exhibitions for children. Located nearby are lots of restaurants, bars, and clubs that you can visit afterward. If you’re ever in Spain and have the time, then you’ll definitely want to visit.

Vancouver Aquarium, Canada
Vancouver Aquarium is Canada’s largest aquarium, housing tens of thousands of animals, including amphibians, invertebrates, and reptiles. You can watch sea life training, bottlenose dolphin shows, and otter feedings.

Monterey Bay Aquarium, U.S.A
Another of America’s most popular aquariums is the Monterey Bay Aquarium, located in California. The aquarium’s ocean-view decks are a great way for watching local wildlife, including humpback whales and sea otters. The aquarium hosts a number of different marine animals, including penguins. If you’re in the United States, then as well as the Georgia Aquarium – it’s worth visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

If you’re a fish enthusiast, then this article will have provided you with 9 destinations that you have to visit at least once in your life. Remember: If you’re unable to travel, you can always start collecting fish at home, in a pond and in an indoor aquarium. 

Main photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri on Unsplash


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