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Nine things travelers want in their accommodation


Hotel ratings aside, the following features are what every traveler wants to experience for a top-notch and unforgettable stay.

Whether for business or pleasure or both, traveling is such an exhilarating experience. Going on a trip to experience new and unfamiliar sights, sounds, and culture is always a welcome experience for backpackers, tourists, and corporate travelers alike.  

After a sightseeing adventure and a day’s worth of sensory overload, there’s only one thing left to do: relax and unwind to prepare for the next day. And this is where a cozy accommodation comes in. 

Hotel ratings aside, the following features are what every traveler wants to experience for a top-notch and unforgettable stay. 

1. Accessible location  
Many travelers would consider location as one of their top priorities, and it doesn’t matter whether they’re visiting for a holiday or work. Sure, a treehouse in the middle of an eco-village sounds really attractive, but it has to be in proximity to basic facilities such as stores, hospitals, or community centers.   

Being tucked in the capital’s busiest districts means tourists can do more, and it significantly limits travel time, allowing tourists to visit vacation spots and interesting locations. Consider staying at places that are located at the heart of the capital’s most happening places, like The Drake Hotel in Toronto and similar hotels.

2. Security and safety 
Being in a place away from home, guests are doubly wary of accidents and security issues, such as burglaries. Simply put, no one wants to stay in an unsecured location. Accommodation establishments need to ensure active and passive security works at all times. Security cameras, guards, guest keys, and a working Intercom, among other technologies, should be in place.

3. Convenience
Online presence is primordial to all hotel establishments, no matter the size. A hotel site’s main concern, apart from showcasing its amenities, should be ease of booking.   

Technology has made this possible through hotel booking platforms. Some hotels have free and downloadable apps, where guests could relay what they want and request for extra services before their scheduled stay. 

When a guest enters the establishment, there has to clear instructions for the check-in process. The staff shouldn’t let guests wait for too long or pass them on from one department to another. The check-out process should also be as seamless. 

4. Personalized service 
Personalized service is what sets a hotel establishment apart from its competition. To conjure a positive and memorable experience for every guest, it’s important for hotels to know what their customers prefer. These hospitality venues need to provide an opportunity for their guests to manage their preferred amenities better.  

For instance, some hotels offer personal shopping services to guests. This is to ensure they remain safe and enjoy a more convenient stay. 

5. Cleanliness
Whether it’s a quaint bed and breakfast or a five-star hotel, cleanliness has to be every accommodation’s prime concern. Fresh, clean sheets and a spotless room would make guests feel welcome. Bathrooms, convergence areas, the hotel lobby—every nook and cranny—need to be immaculate. 

6. Cozy bed and comfortable pillows 
Visitors shouldn’t be tossing and turning as soon as their heads hit the pillow. After a day’s work and sightseeing, it’s imperative they catch up on their much-needed shut-eye—courtesy of soft and firm beddings that keep them snug. A comfortable bed and fresh linen could help travelers unwind and relax, making them feel they’ve truly found a home away from home.

7. Strong Wi-Fi connection 
In this digital age, it seems a Wi-Fi connection is considered a basic need by many, perhaps even similar to food, electricity, and water. Staying in a hotel without this service could be unimaginable for some.

Guests may perhaps forgive not having to enjoy other amenities, but they may not be as understanding to an accommodation establishment without this service. Internet is in high demand, especially for business travelers, who may need to stay online for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

8. Delicious food 
Food service is also an important feature every hotel establishment must have. As the saying goes, the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. And providing mouthwatering meals definitely adds to a pleasing experience. If a hotel is unable to serve basic meals or a breakfast buffet, it should be located in close proximity to a diner or restaurant at least.  

9. Responsive staff  
Sometimes guests need to contact the front desk for queries and other reasons. And they expect hotel staff to either accept their call, help them with an issue, or provide useful information. 

If there’s no one to answer the phone or if one gets passed from one staff to the next, it could be highly frustrating for them. It’s one guarantee to put a dent on your brand, no thanks to an unfavorable guest review.

The wrap up
Being part of the hospitality industry, every accommodation establishment needs to be aware of the above features for their business to ensure customer satisfaction. Remember, location, safety, convenience, cleanliness, and comfort are primordial considerations in providing an impeccable and unfailing service to guests.

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