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Nuvola, mediafolio and eHotelier partner to launch innovative quality assurance and guest experience solution


Three industry leaders collaborate to ensure quality and guest experiences at hotels worldwide.

MIAMI, FLA. – Nuvola, a hotel optimization and guest engagement software company, announced it is partnering with SingleStep by Mediafolio Technologies and eHotelier to create a new method of ensuring quality standards and guest services are met at hotels worldwide. Together, these three industry-leading companies will combine their expertise to launch an easy-to-use training and productivity solution for all aspects of hotel operations. The solution is designed to equip hotel staff with effective tools to efficiently follow standard operating procedures and ensure best-in-class guest experiences are delivered on a consistent basis. 

“Quality control and consistency are critical in reaching a positive guest satisfaction rating,” said Juan Carlos Abello, Nuvola CEO. “It’s no secret that training is the key to ensuring productivity and quality service, and it’s up to management to put the right resources in the hands of their staff. With our new user-friendly solution, hoteliers have the ability to ensure their staff is getting things done efficiently, which ultimately leads to a better overall and more consistent guest experience.”

The comprehensive quality assurance and guest experience-focused system pairs Nuvola’s intuitive software with SingleStep’s enhanced learning and development tools while using industry-specific content curated by eHotelier. The combined programs provide hotel employees with visual and written content in real time that describes how to best perform their tasks and carry out their specific role within a property, based on standards provided by hotel leadership. In addition to onboarding new hires faster and more effectively, the solution provides continued learning and educational content that is easily accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.

“Providing an intelligent training experience embedded within the application that attendants are using all day, enables a more efficient, more passionate workforce,” said Matt Kowalczyk, Mediafolio Technologies, President. “This combined solution results in a better educated team which ultimately equates to a better experience for hotel guests.”

With this new training solution, hoteliers will be able to better understand staff needs, guarantee consistency across all departments, reduce human error, increase employee morale, and focus on outstanding guest experiences.  It has also proven to be an effective way to build an efficient, respectful, and collaborative company culture.

“We know the hospitality industry and how to communicate with each and every department,” said Matthew Stephens, president of eHotelier. “Every new hire is an investment and it’s important the right resources are given to each person to ensure both their personal success and the overall success of the hotel. We’re thrilled to be a part of this exciting partnership.”

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