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oneworld marks its 20th anniversary, unveils major benefits for customers and airlines


The moves that were launched by oneworld are designed to increase the value the alliance delivers to customers and to its member airlines into its third decade.

As it marks the 20th anniversary of its launch, the oneworld airline alliance unveiled a radical transformation and significant changes last Friday, in the presence of the CEOs of the member airlines who met in London on this occasion.
The moves that were launched by oneworld are designed to increase the value the alliance delivers to customers and to its member airlines into its third decade, while reflecting the substantial changes in the marketplace and the industry since oneworld took off on February 1, 1999. 
oneworld’s transformation includes: 
  • A new oneworld digital platform that will, as it is progressively rolled out, bring to life in the digital era the alliance’s core promise of seamless connectivity for customers flying on multi-sector, multi-airline journeys, via the convenience of their preferred member airline’s mobile app or website - without having to download any additional app or enter more log-in credentials. Through this platform, the member airlines are to offer the ability, via their own individual apps, for customers flying on any oneworld alliance partner to: Check-in, obtain their boarding pass, receive information and updates on their flight and track their baggage, in addition to other services that will be added in the future. 
  • An increased level of alliance co-location projects at a number of key airports around the world. Thus oneworld aims to bring its member airlines operating at all airports worldwide together under one roof and to smooth transfers for passengers connecting between different carriers’ flights. oneworld also have plans to unveil the first oneworld branded, developed and managed lounge later this year.  
  • A fresh approach to corporate sales, enabling oneworld to respond much faster to requests for alliance contracts, which currently generate US$ 1 billion a year for member airlines.  Since trials of the new process began six months ago, revenues have risen 10 per cent.  Dozens of the world’s biggest multinational corporations have signed corporate accounts with the alliance rather than a series of individual airline deals. 
  • A revised process for prospecting potential new members.  The first airline to join as a result will be Royal Air Maroc, next year – oneworld’s first full member recruit for six years and its first from Africa.  
  • The alliance’s first new membership platform, oneworld connect – designed with smaller, more regional airlines in mind – with Fiji Airways’ entry as the first partner to join in this capacity to be completed by the end of next month.  Talks are progressing with other airlines interested in signing, from the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, enabling the alliance to spread its wings still further globally. 
  • These changes are reflected in a sweepingly different brand positioning for oneworld, encouraging passengers to “Travel Bright” – complete with a new website, both unveiled today. Travel Bright draws on engaging and energising characters and visuals set against a range of bright pastel colours to present the bright new oneworld - contemporary, warm and positive in its expression, with a look and feel reflecting the more energetic and positive millennial generation. It also features characters representing a full range of cultural, ethnical and age diversity.   
Royal Jordanian President/CEO Stefan Pichler remarked: “The radical transformation that oneworld is currently undergoing is bound to add greater value to both our customers and our business. All these changes, paired with a stronger and brighter brand positioning, show that oneworld is there to provide tailored service that understands every traveler’s needs.
“Being part of this leading award-winning alliance has been an honor for Royal Jordanian. All its members work together to deliver a consistently superior, seamless travel experience, granting special privileges and rewards to the frequent flyers of the members’ loyalty programs. Since Royal Jordanian joined oneworld 12 years ago, our customers have benefitted greatly from the services the alliance offers them. Happy 20th anniversary, oneworld!”
oneworld CEO Rob Gurney said: “In the two decades since oneworld was launched, the industry and consumer behaviours have changed fundamentally.  Most of our member airlines have undergone comprehensive restructuring.  Some have merged.
“Since then, global alliances have grown greatly in terms of membership but, to be frank, they have failed to keep pace with the changes that their members, the industry at large and the marketplace have experienced.
“As we enter our third decade, we are undergoing a radical transformation, with a host of fresh initiatives to strengthen further the relevance of the alliance to our member airlines and to our customers.”
Key statistics from oneworld’s first 20 years


At launch in 1999

Latest full year



Cumulative total

Number of oneworld member airlines


13 + 1+11



Number of airlines in global alliances





Member airlines’ passenger revenue pa

US$ 38.9 billion

US$ 107.8 billion


US$ 1,380 billion

Interline revenues within alliance pa

1 billion

5.5 billion


57 billion

Revenues from corporate sales managed by oneworld pa


1 billion


7.3 billion

Alliance fare product revenues pa

10 million

290 million


6.9 billion

Destinations served by oneworld





Territories/countries served by oneworld





Daily departures by oneworld members





Passengers boarded by oneworld members pa

177 million

536 million


6.7 billion

Total industry global passenger carryings pa

1.56 billion

4.0 billion



1 Plus one oneworld connect partner and one full member elect
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