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Online casinos vs land based casino


If you want to try out both or are searching for the best option, this post will talk has got you covered. Read on to know more about online casino vs. real casino.

Does the word "casino" remind you of gangster movies like Scarface or Goodfellas? People have been attracted to casinos for a long time, even before these movies came out. And why not? It's great fun, and you get to win some bucks through exciting games!  

Land based casinos ruled this sector for ages where people would go in well-dressed (some-times looking like a Mafioso!) to try their luck. Blackjack, Poker, roulette – people cashed in wherever they could. 

Until online casinos entered the scene, offering a similar experience over the internet.

If you want to try out both or are searching for the best option, this post will talk has got you covered. Read on to know more about online casino vs. real casino. 

What are land based casinos?     
Land based casinos are the traditional brick-and-mortar places where you can go and try out various games. Think of the dazzling and glamorous casinos you've seen in movies and magazines. Along with their glitz, they are famous for offering a fantastic experience. 

  • These places provide you with a plethora of games and additional facilities so you can have an epic time. 
  • You can catch amazing shows, interact with other people, experiment with different games, and relax. 
  • You will find many small casinos with a limited number of games, such as slots, and large casinos with a ton of options to check out. 

You can visit these places alone or in a group based on your preference. However, you have to maintain the casino's dress code to get in.     

What are online casinos?
Online casinos have been operating for more than two decades. Surprising, isn't it? These are basically online web platforms that allow you to play a new selection of casino games. The best part? You can try them right from the comfort of your home, wherever you might be. 

  • Slots, Russian Roulette, blackjack, Poker - you name it, these sites have it! Some plat-forms have more than a hundred games to choose from. 
  • Usually, these websites have different themes, which you can observe in their games. 
  • All you have to do this create an account and get started. 
  • Some of these platforms might offer you to try games for free. That's why online ca-sinos are suitable for all categories of gamers. 

These websites also offer you many exciting bonuses and make things more interesting.

Land based casino vs online casino: A comparison 
The thought of walking into a land based casino might excite you. But an online casino can help you earn some bucks from your couch! If you are still in a dilemma on which to pick, let's look at these casinos closely by comparing their features. 


Land based casinos
Land based casinos have a fantastic atmosphere filled with flashing lights, outstanding games, attractive shows, and people. These places are extremely busy and operate within a fixed number of hours. But usually, physical casinos are open till late at night. 

The number of games you get to try depends on the size of the casino. Even if you don't know how to play, you can learn from other players. These places are popular for enter-tainment, meeting new people and winning money.  

Online casinos
Online casinos are exactly the opposite, as you get to play right from your desktop or mobile device. You don't have to visit any place and play whenever you want physically. That's why you can consider this a more peaceful option. 

Don't think that it's boring! You can interact with seasoned and inexperienced players online while playing the games. Moreover, most of these platforms are incredibly user-friendly so that you won't have issues getting started.   

Selection of games 

Land based casinos
When talking about land based casino vs online casino, games are probably the most crucial factor. Slot games and table games are most popular in land-based casinos. 

You can try out Poker, blackjack, baccarat, pool, and a variety of slots. However, each table can accommodate only a fixed number of players. So, you might have to wait for your turn.  

Online casinos
Online casinos offer all the table and slot games of a physical casino and other options. You can try out virtual casinos, bingo, scratch card games, sports betting games, live games, and theme-based games. 

You won't have to wait as you play against the computer or other players. These games can accommodate many players for ensuring a great time.  

Freebies and rewards

Land based casinos
If you fulfill certain factors, you can get exciting rewards or comps (complimentaries) at land based casinos. These include your betting amount, the games you play, and how fre-quent you are at the casino. 

The comps include free drinks, fine dining hotel stays, concert tickets, free rooms, and sporting event tickets.   

Online casinos
Rewards here are a little different and usually come in bonuses. You can get a welcome bo-nus after signing up on a platform, generally e the same amount as your initial deposit. 

Online casinos also offer free spins, which enable you to try out multiple games without spending money. So, if you are a beginner, this is an excellent opportunity to try your luck safely.


Land based casinos
Besides offering you an outstanding gambling experience, these casinos offer other ameni-ties. These include restaurants, expensive suites, private hotels, bars, and special services by a host. You might also get VIP treatment and special assistance from the staff.  

Online casinos
You will not get any of the amenities offered by land-based casinos here. But, if you are a loyal player on a platform, you can become a VIP member and enjoy many facilities. 

Most online casinos offer exciting bonuses, cashback, free spins, and discounts to their VIP members. You can also get to participate in lucky draws arranged by the platform. 

Tips to choose a casino
Whichever platform you select – online or offline – here are some pointers to keep in mind – 

  • Always choose a casino that offers a massive selection of games 
  • Select a casual casino instead of something competitive, if you're a beginner 
  • Properly examine the safety and security policies of any casino before spending your money 
  • While visiting any land-based casino, check out their dress code, and if they hello friends/family with you 
  • Be it online or offline, only trust a reputable casino. Checking online reviews and testimonials will help you here

If you want to learn more about the casino industry and tips for choosing a decent online casino to play at, you can click here to visit Casino Canuck’s website, an online casino resource in Canada.

Wrap up
By now, you might have understood the differences between online casinos vs traditional casinos. The selection of casinos entirely depends upon your preferences. Land based casinos are the best option to get the real feel of a casino and immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere. 

On the other hand, online casinos are for you to enjoy casino games from anywhere without moving an inch. While online casinos are more beginner-friendly, physical casinos let you interact with other players and enhance your skills.  

Photo by ThorstenF from Pixabay

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