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Oslofjord Convention Center hires new top-level executive


Hospitality- heavyweight Arild Sjødin takes on the position of Deputy CEO.

Arild Sjødin will serve as the new Deputy CEO of Oslofjord Convention Center. He brings extensive experience from both the Norwegian and international hospitality industry. “I am deeply looking forward to taking on the massive task of developing Oslofjord as it continues into the next phase of its journey. With my international background, I am excited to help build out Norway’s largest conference village, and champion this uniquely Northern European concept,” says Sjødin.

A Captain of Industry
With a track record in the hospitality and events industry that is both long-spanning and has a global breadth, Sjødin brings a wealth of management experience to the table. From his time at the Norwegian hotel chain Rica and the Kempinski group in Germany and his time as a leader, in two different roles, at the Emirates Palace Hotel in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), he was worked both across the globe and across the sector.

Moreover, he helped build and position an independent hotel in Latvia from the ground up. He also quality assured the F&B and catering operations at the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix. “Sjødin’s international hospitality prowess, combined with his business acumen, makes him the perfect choice as our new Deputy CEO. We are so pleased to be welcoming a true Captain of Industry into our midst. As Oslofjord is embarking on this exciting development phase, it’s imperative we have the right people on our team, bringing both industry experience and new talent into the fold. With a multifaceted background, Sjødin will be crucial to our commercial success,” says CEO of Oslofjord Convention Center, Stian Fuglset.

The New Oslofjord
2022 is a pivotal year for Oslofjord Convention Center for a number of reasons. In February, several large construction projects were completed, which have given Oslofjord new and important capabilities. There will also be important changes in the ownership structure – with a fission well underway. Sjødin's most important task will be to navigate and develop Oslofjord’s commercial direction.

“It is exciting to join the team in this crucial phase. The uniqueness of the Center made this such an attractive position to take on – there is nothing else in Norway or wider Northern Europe that compares to the scale of Oslofjord. This means that we must continue to think innovatively, think internationally - and think bigger than ever before. I cannot wait to take on this challenge, alongside such highly skilled colleagues. Oslofjord has become synonymous with large community-based experiences and activities, a concept I firmly believe in and hope to drive even further,” says Sjødin.

Arild Sjødin took up the position as Deputy CEO of Oslofjord Convention Center on April 19.

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