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Over half of Britons appreciate holidays in the UK more than ever before


A new report delves into how we have reached this watershed moment in the UK holiday sector.

As global tourism has a bit of a reset due to the pandemic and Brexit, and travel abroad remains more complicated, a future-gazing report by Haulfryn, The Way We Holiday Now, explores the evolution of the UK holiday over the past 85 years. It uncovers how the UK holiday began, what really makes a holiday special now and what we can expect in the future. The report delves into how we have reached the watershed moment in the holiday sector that we find ourselves in today with staycation holidays reigning supreme. It explores the changing lifestyles of holidaymakers and holiday homeowners, and dives into younger holiday home buyers, multi-generational holidays, pet-friendly breaks and the joy of staycations/UK over Europe.

What we expect from a holiday today is very different from 85 years ago, but some things remain true. The report takes a deep dive into Brits’ greater appreciation of the UK and a desire to holiday closer to home in this new era of responsible tourism, sustainable and sympathetic development. Our yearning to be closer to green spaces and natural environments has increased our pursuits to holiday in beautiful scenic locations with fresh air and private space to escape routine life with our nearest and dearest.

  • In the new report, Haulfryn explores the impact of cultural shifts on holidays such as responsible tourism, slow travel and wellness that have gained further traction since Brexit and the pandemic
  • The report’s survey unveiled 52 per cent of Brits appreciate holidays in the UK more than ever before
  • 74 per cent of those surveyed who own or have access to a UK holiday home appreciate it more than ever before after the last year
  • Nearly 70 per cent of Brits would like to explore more areas of the UK
  • 40 per cent think that beautiful views and locations are important in their staycation holiday
  • 32 per cent have greater appreciation of the UK since the pandemic and/or Brexit
  • In the past year, 44 per cent of people chose a UK staycation over a holiday abroad in the light of the pandemic and/or Brexit because they felt safer, whilst 35 per cent did so because it was easier
  • 33 per cent of respondents chose a UK staycation over a holiday abroad in the last year because it was closer to home
  • Making memories with the ones we love is what 27% of Brits now look for from a staycation holiday
  • A fifth of Brits want to holiday more with their loves ones as the last year has highlighted how important they are to them
  • 36 per cent of respondents were aged 20-29 when they gained access or bought their holiday homes, followed by 20 per cent at age 30-39

Echo Lu, CEO of Haulfryn Group Ltd, commented, “The UK holiday sector is having a defining moment. Whilst this moment has been coming for some time, there is no doubt that the combination of the pandemic, Brexit and the climate crisis have accelerated this new era that we find ourselves in. The past few months have shown us the benefits of slowing down and pursuing simple pleasures – escaping routine lives to enjoy beautiful natural scenery with our loved ones. That is how the UK holiday began and is where we return to 85 years later, as Brits really appreciate the joy of now.”

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