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Passengers reveal the most common cruise ship injuries


But just because cruises seem like an easy way to bypass the hard work of vacations doesn't mean they're completely stress-free or safe. Faulty ship designs, accidental distractions, or having one too many drinks could be all it takes to turn your holiday on the water into a nightmare at sea.

With meals, entertainment, and activities included in the cost of your room, cruising can be one of the most relaxing vacations anyone can take, there is virtually nothing to worry about. But unforeseen weather, accidental distractions, or too many drinks could turn a dream vacation into a complete nightmare. To learn more about cruise ship incidents and injuries, US law firm Farah and Farah surveyed over 1,100 people and asked them about their experiences on the high seas.

Here’s what they found:

  • Nearly 1 in 10 travelers have been personally injured during a cruise, 54% of victims believed the cruise line was at fault
  • Of those injured on cruise ships, 65.5% of men and 31.8% of women said alcohol was involved in the incident
  • Despite their injuries, over 83% of passengers who got hurt on board said they would go on another cruise.
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