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Plan your next road trip with a luxury RV


With luxury RV camping, you can kick back and enjoy the ride without all the worry of finding the right hotels for you and your family.

Road trips can make for unforgettable vacations but for some, the thought of planning them can be intimidating. Managing hotel stays and accommodations across the country, or even a state, can feel overwhelming. That’s where a luxury RV comes in. Road tripping in a luxury RV, like the Bowlus, gives you all the comforts of home with the convenience of simply parking the Bowlus at the closest RV camp or off-the-grid location. Imagine waking up and looking out on the rolling plains of Wyoming or stargazing in the California desert. With luxury RV camping, you can kick back and enjoy the ride without all the worry of finding the right hotels for you and your family.

Choosing a luxury RV for your road trip can provide all the comforts of home without losing the thrill of camping. The Bowlus is built for travellers of all kinds. Whether you’re a family of four or a group of friends looking for an adventure, Bowlus has a model for everyone. From the relaxing main bedroom to the convertible table, the Bowlus allows for work, sleep, fun and more. Instead of constantly changing your sleeping arrangements during a road trip, having the consistency of knowing where you are staying the night or getting your work done on the road can help ease the uncertainty of a long trip. 

Are your four-legged friends joining you on your journey? Travelling in an RV gives tremendous flexibility to those with pets. Hotels often have strict pet policies that can make road tripping with a dog, cat or other animals difficult. The Bowlus has ample space for your family pet to stretch out or curl up to sleep after a long day of hiking through the Nevada mountains. With the Pet-Flex option, the Bowlus offers a drawer for feeding bowls and a cozy pet bed providing your animals with all the amenities of home while on the road. 

Waking up in the comfort of your own space is worth every dime while opening your door to a beautiful sunrise is priceless. Travelling in a luxury RV means never having to compromise on experience over accommodation. You get the best of both worlds; sleeping soundly and enjoying nature. With the Bowlus, you can park your RV and explore new locations if new opportunities arise on your journey. Nothing can beat making a morning coffee and sitting outside in the open air to enjoy it. 

This is a key aspect of a good road trip, not being too rigid with your schedule. That’s where having a luxury RV for your travels really shines. The Bowlus lets you change up your plans without having to scramble to make new hotel arrangements. Maybe you heard about a new spot in Lake Tahoe or a fantastic view in Washington, you’ll meet other RV travellers on your way who have suggestions that will make your voyage unforgettable. Just hitch up your Bowlus and make camp somewhere new. You never know where the road will take you.

The Bowlus offers flexibility that large-scale RVs do not. As many RV camps don’t allow extra long RVs, the Bowlus fits perfectly into a standard RV spot yet feels like you’re travelling in a much larger unit. With all the amenities needed for a self-contained stay, you won’t have to venture to the campsite showers or communal water source, the filtration system in the Bowlus provides clean, sediment-free water for you and your family. Having the privacy and cleanliness of your own space can greatly improve the experience of seeing the country. 

Being able to cook all your own meals in the kitchenette allows alternatives to the “road food” that sometimes feels like the only option on this kind of trip. Taking your time with a more elaborate dinner or putting together a quick breakfast wherever you are, means not having to time out your driving schedule based on what restaurants might be on route. That means enjoying your campsite without rushing off because you’ve got hungry campers to feed. With options for an outdoor kitchen, you’ll be inviting campsite neighbors over for a cookout in no time. 

It’s important to remember that road trips are about the journey, not just the destination. Having a luxurious place to put your head down at the end of each day takes the worry out of where you’ll be staying on your epic trip. You won’t need to worry about hauling your bags from one hotel lobby to another, just load up the RV and go. Road trips should allow for meandering drives and taking the time to soak in the view, the Bowlus gives you this freedom. By choosing an RV you can trust, you can focus on the road ahead and all the amazing sites you’ll see. 

Photo by Kojiro Inui on Unsplash

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