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Planning the best weekend getaway


Planning a weekend getaway isn’t as simple as just packing a bag and going, though.

So, you’ve got some free time this weekend and want to just get away from work for a couple of days. While technically you already get to do that on the weekend, a little trip to a town a few hours away is an underrated way to de-stress and reset your mind.

Planning a weekend getaway isn’t as simple as just packing a bag and going, though. It still requires some planning for you to get the most out of your trip, as any other vacation does. Of course, it’s still less stress than planning a longer holiday, but you will still need to be properly prepared for your weekend getaway.

Consider where you’re going & timing
You only have a couple of days, but that doesn’t mean your options are super limited. Think about and research places somewhat close to you that you’d like to visit. Are you into nature? Google if there are any landmarks within a few hours of you. If you want to explore a new city, read about it on forums from people who did the same thing.

Instead of a road trip, maybe you want to take a plane, so you’ll have more time to spend at your destination. In which case you’ll need to find out about flights and different prices. When you take a plane for a short weekend getaway, you won’t have to worry about baggage expenses. 

When you take a flight, you’ll have to be more flexible with the timing. The options of flights to your destination might be limited, so you are making a sacrifice to get there faster. When flying, you’ll also have to set aside more money for the plane ticket, rental car (if you get one), etc.

As any trip does, a proper weekend getaway requires budgeting. Maybe you’ll want to splurge on a souvenir when you get there or have a nice dinner. As you know, expenses can be unexpected, so make sure you’re putting aside enough.

If you aren’t planning on taking your weekend trip for a while, start saving now. If you’re going with a significant other or friends, have them do the same. Every week, just put away what you can. Especially if you’re flying, you’re going to need to have more saved up for your trip. It’s better to be frugal for a few weeks up until your trip, so you can splurge on your getaway and really make the most of getting away.

Planning your stay
Figure out what you want to get out of your trip. If you’re going with a significant other, maybe you want it to be as romantic as possible. Maybe it’s an outing with a group of friends and you want to find the most popular bars to visit and hiking trails. Either way, you’re going to want to have an idea of where exactly you’ll be visiting at your destination. Research this online beforehand and create a loose itinerary so you can spend more time doing things, and less time figuring out what to do. 

Once you’ve figured all of this out, you’re going to figure out where to stay. Consider staying at a homey little bed and breakfast.

Benefits of staying at a bed and breakfast
When you visit a bed and breakfast, you’ll get to experience authenticity of the city you stay in. If you find a small mom and pop place, you’ll get fresh new meals and recommendations on where to go, if you haven’t already found any ideas that stick out to you. 

A bed and breakfast is a great place to meet people who might be doing the same thing as you, getting away for a short couple of days. You’ll get to make new connections and maybe even some buddies to go out with. 

You’ll also get to know your innkeepers on a more personal level than you get to know the staff at a hotel. The inverse is also true; they’ll get to know you and be able to give you personalized recommendations on how to enhance your trip.

Final thoughts
Going on a weekend getaway is a perfect idea when you don’t have the time for a week-long holiday. It’s a great way to reset for the upcoming weeks of work and let loose a little while exploring a new place you’ve never been. A bed and breakfast is the best place to stay during a weekend getaway, as it’s somewhat inexpensive and gives you an authentic taste of the town.

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