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Post-covid holidays: Enjoy Mykonos’s Kalo Livadi beach from the luxury Mileo hotel


Kalo Livadi is the epitome of Mykonos luxury and the 5 star Mileo Hotel is situated right behind it.

Are you looking to treat yourself this summer? After years of covid, flight restrictions, quarantine, and isolation, vacations are looking to be the most open and relaxed that they’ve been in the last three years. With this in mind, Mykonos’s tourism industry is expected to boom. Popular for its combination of beautiful beaches and lively nightlife, this Cycladic island has always been a summer holiday hotspot. 

The Kalo Livadi beach remains particularly desirable, with its golden sands that stretch across the island and an endless view of the azure Aegean sea. Kalo Livadi is the epitome of Mykonos luxury and the 5 star Mileo Hotel is situated right behind it. 

Avoid the crowds and stay at the Mileo hotel
With verandas that stretch out to the horizon and private pools designed for an exclusive experience, the Mileo Hotel was made to enjoy the impressive Kalo Livadi beach whilst maintaining privacy and serenity. After the panic of covid, this hotel has the best location to enjoy a holiday abroad, prioritising peace and serenity. 

As it’s a popular tourist destination, the Kalo Livadi is expected to be packed this season, especially in the months of July and August. Therefore, by lounging on a sunbed at the Mileo you can experience the beauty of the beach without the crowds of tourists. Whether you want to book a villa for you and your friends or a private suite for a romantic getaway, this hotel has suitable options for everyone. With a bar and restaurant inside the venue itself, you can also enjoy the culture of Mykonos cuisine without braving the bustling town centre. 

Sit back and relax
A 5 star experience, the Mileo comes with a fully-equipped fitness centre and spa. Personal training, pilates, and yoga are all on offer during your stay, meaning that you can combine your holiday with a fitness and health kick. The fitness centre provides professional trainers who can create personalised programmes in their gym, which is filled with high-end facilities. 

Meanwhile, their spa has a selection of massage treatments provided by experts either in their Alissachi My-Echo Spa or from the comfort of your bedroom. This ensures that your holiday will have a secure sense of well-being and relaxation, exactly what’s needed after the last three years. 

To guarantee that this holiday is as opulent and chic as possible, highly skilled stylists can give you signature hairstyles, makeup looks, or a spa manicure/pedicure - all served with a beverage while you’re pampered. 

Or try watersports on the ‘Island of the Winds’ 
Surfers and sailors from around the world are attracted to Mykonos, pulled here by the siren call of sandy beaches, windy shores, and azure seas. Coined the ‘Island of the Winds’ by some watersport fans, Mykonos is famously perfect for yachting, surfing, windsurfing, and sailing. Or more exotic, off the coast of Mykonos you might want to also try sea parachuting or jet skiing. 

By staying in the luxury Mileo just off the Kalo Livadi beach you’re provided the perfect combination of access to the wild watersports of the coastline and the relaxing serenity of their spa. For your post-covid holiday, the Mileo Hotel has it all.

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