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Prepare in advance to ensure time at the airport is well spent

If travellers planned their airport visits in advance, they could save themselves a significant amount of time before and after check-in, advises Adam Ewart, founder of baggage shipping company, Send My Bag.
LONDON - A recent survey found that the majority of UK air passengers aim to arrive at the airport more than three hours ahead of their flight.

Airports have become increasingly crowded over the past few decades due to the phenomenal growth in numbers of people travelling by air, more stringent security procedures and fewer check-in desks available as airlines encourage people to fly without baggage. There are a number of actions that travellers can take in advance, such as booking their luggage separately, planning their travel to the airport in advance and preparing their baggage for security, so that every minute of the trip is maximised.

Booking travel by public transport to the airport as soon as possible will help to not only reduce time but cost as well. The same applies to car parking. If cheap deals are researched, a space can be secured nearer the airport at a reasonable cost to guarantee a shorter trip from the car park to the terminal. Passengers would also be shrewd to check in online at the earliest possible date to save queuing at the desk at the airport, and possibly to secure their ideal seat.

Adam Ewart, founder of baggage shipping company, Send My Bag, comments: "One of the most time-consuming activities at the airport is checking baggage. Many airlines are reducing their check-in queues to encourage more travellers to do so online, but the baggage drop can be equally as time-intensive. Travellers can ship their luggage in advance through a door-to-door courier service like Send My Bag to avoid this frustration. Not only will this save time, but it will also remove the inconvenience of carting large bags around, and avoid any last minute panics about being over the weight or size limit."

Another aspect of airport travel that can use up precious minutes is passing through security. By packing all liquids into plastic bags in advance and removing belts and shoes before being requested to do so, delays can be minimised.

Adam continues: "Sadly, long gone are the days of a relaxed, luxury experience at the airport – unless you are travelling first class. Travelling by air can be stressful enough without the additional hassle of queuing to drop off your bags, worrying about whether your belongings are over the weight limit, and swapping liquids in and out of your hand luggage. With a bit of planning and organisation, you can cut precious minutes off the time you spend navigating your way through the airport."

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