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PriceLabs announces the launch of pricing API for dynamic pricing solution


The new API will allow any PMS to integrate with PriceLabs and leverage its dynamic pricing platform.

CHICAGO - PriceLabs, a revenue management solution for vacation rentals, has announced the public release of their Open API that will allow Property Management Systems (PMS) and channel managers (CM) to provide their users with PriceLabs' pricing technology.

Few PMS's (Hospiria, SuperHote, SIBO, and Syncbnb) have already successfully integrated their platforms and eight other PMS's are actively working towards the integration.

"Dynamic pricing was one of our most requested features, and I have been using PriceLabs for a while. So when we heard about the new API, we jumped quickly. The integration process was seamless, and we now have customers actively using PriceLabs. We are a fast-growing Channel Manager / PMS, and the ability to offer world-class solutions to our users is definitely a
says Mat - CEO of SuperHote.

Dynamic pricing in the short-term accommodation sector has been gaining traction as more properties come online.

"The traditional approach to pricing doesn't work anymore due to the high variability in the market. Dynamic pricing has become the need of the hour, and we are seeing significant interest from PMS's and large property managers wanting to use PriceLabs," says Anurag Verma, Co-founder of PriceLabs.

PriceLabs needs to work with PMS' to send its price recommendations to booking channels. To make it seamless for users, it already integrates with over fifty (50) PMS's. As more customers are looking to use PriceLabs, the team came up with an open API framework.

"We have made it easy to access our solution with this API launch. We are eagerly waiting to welcome PMS's of any size and grow our family," Verma added. "We have been using PriceLabs at UnderTheDoormat for several years now, and integrating PriceLabs' new API into Hospiria was a no-brainer. The integration was seamless, the technology is robust, and the team has been really receptive to new developments as we build our solution. I am looking forward to PriceLabs being a vital part of the Hospiria platform over the coming years," said Richard Bridger, COO Hospiria.

PriceLabs is providing technical assistance to all the PMS's who are looking to integrate using the new API.

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