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ProfitSword reaffirms vision and sttategy through reimagined senior leadership team


Leading business intelligence software provider reimagines leadership roles and responsibilities to maintain the highest standards of customer service and responsiveness to the latest needs in business performance analytics for the hospitality industry.

ORLANDO, FLA. – ProfitSword, a premier developer of business intelligence and data integration software, has announced a bolstering of its commitment to staying ahead of the latest business intelligence trends through a reimagined corporate leadership team. The company’s vision will see existing leadership streamline their roles and responsibilities along with an ongoing expansion of the corporate team to ensure maximum effectiveness in adapting to new industry needs.

Previously serving as ProfitSword’s Chief Revenue Officer, Robert Ryan will be taking on the new role of company CEO. Ryan will leverage his years of expertise in devising effective business plans to ensure that ProfitSword’s company strategy continues to align with evolving hotelier business intelligence requirements.

“As the hospitality industry inches closer towards recovery, hoteliers can count on ProfitSword to continue aligning with their latest business intelligence needs so that they can look forward to maximum revenue generation and the ability to gain a vital edge over the competition,” commented Ryan. “ProfitSword is fortunate to have such a talented team of dedicated business intelligence experts at its disposal, and I have no doubt that their in-depth knowledge of hotelier business needs will continue to propel our ability to innovate according to the latest industry demands.”   

Continuing as company President, Maureen Allen will work closely with Ryan in likewise devising a company vision that continues to push the boundaries on what business intelligence technology can achieve for hospitality-based organizations. In furthering this goal, Allen will also ensure that ProfitSword’s company culture remains geared towards embracing a positive atmosphere of innovation and results-driven objectives.

“This is a very exciting chapter in our company’s ongoing evolution towards providing customers with the latest tools they need to run more efficient, responsive and profitable organizations,” said Allen. “I am very proud of what our team has been able to accomplish in pushing the boundaries on business intelligence capabilities, and remain fully confident in their abilities to keep pace with growing demands for ever greater data analysis flexibility and business performance insight.”

Additional leadership team realignments include Paul Bennie being promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing, where he will be primarily focused on driving additional market growth and ensuring that the company’s solutions are readily available to hoteliers regardless of location or business size. Continuing to serve as Chief Operating Officer is John Crutchfield who will leverage his expertise in research and development to provide hotels with the latest business intelligence tools that can lead to a swift and full recovery. Brian Treadwell will also continue as Chief of Staff to further ensure that ProfitSword objectives align with new industry business intelligence trends. As Vice President of Finance, Anne Martinelli will leverage her financial expertise to continue enhancing ProfitSword’s forecasting and budgeting abilities in order to provide hoteliers with the vital business performance insight they need to make quick, yet informed decisions in real-time. 

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