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ProfitSword recognized as a leading developer of next generation business intelligence technology


World's premier business awards program names ProfitSword as a Silver Award winner for advancing capabilities in artificial intelligence and machine-learning to automatically detect variations in business performance.

ORLANDO, FLA. - ProfitSword, a leading developer of business intelligence and data integration software for the hospitality industry, has been named a Silver winner by the 12th Annual Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards for its role in enhancing business intelligence capabilities with the recently launched ProfitAbility solution. An advanced dashboarding and data analytics platform that uses the latest technology to automatically identify and alert organizations to any sudden fluctuations in their performance, ProfitAbility competed against a range of solution submissions from around the world in the Award's Business Intelligence category.

Judged by a panel consisting of various global industry experts, 2020 award winners were selected by averaging the highest scores and are to be recognized for their contribution towards business innovation during a virtual ceremony being held in December. Key to ProfitAbility earning its Silver winner status is the solution's ability to automatically analyze historical performance data in order to recognize patterns and notify relevant personnel the moment that any variations are detected. With markets and business environments moving at an ever faster pace which can lead to increased oversight or human error, award panel judges fully acknowledged the immense value that ProfitAbility can offer in ensuring that businesses are proactive and are always able to respond swiftly to suddenly arising risks or opportunities.

"Since its official launch earlier in 2020, ProfitAbility has continued to earn several industry award recognitions and we are extremely proud that our team members have gained this latest achievement through their hard work and dedication to enhancing customer business intelligence abilities," said Maureen Allen, President at ProfitSword. "ProfitAbility represents a true first in an organization's ability to quickly adapt to changing business needs, and can ensure that both leadership and employees always have an accurate up-to-date understanding of their operational environment to implement informed strategies that offer the greatest potential for success."

ProfitSword's full range of business intelligence solutions allows ProfitSword to help hundreds of companies create a custom, single database solution that fully integrates with all of their data sources.  ProfitAbility seamlessly works with  an organization's existing performance data management infrastructure and is tailored to meet the specific analytical needs or goals of each company. This includes the ability to create individualized dashboards that monitor for key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to a specific role or area of responsibility such as finance or sales. Users can also set their own parameters to be alerted whenever a KPI falls outside of previous norms and with ProfitAbility's full mobile compatibility, can always be sure of their ability to respond in a timely manner regardless of physical location.

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