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Reasons to book a catered ski chalet this season


Let us introduce you to living in ski chalets and help you start a brand-new travel affair with nature and sport during your next winter break.

Travelling, It leaves you speechless and then turns you into a Storyteller “ by Ibn Battuta

Winter is in the offing and the adventure traveler in you must be wondering, looking, exploring, and fretting over to decide on which travel escapade to choose near you that would not only satiate your quest for excitement but also quench your adrenaline rush.

An experience so unique and mesmerizing that would transport you away from all life’s rigmarole and add a new travel chapter to your travelogue while you live to tell the tale.

So, let us introduce you to living in ski chalets and help you start a brand-new travel affair with nature and sport during your next winter break. Though it will not be easy to find a decent chalet next to the slopes in an affordable price this season so buckle up and start looking.

What is a ski chalet and why you need to book one?
Now, what is a ski chalet? Chalet, also known as a shelter or a hut of a herder, is an alpine-style wooden abode with a sloping roof and an overhanging edge that owes its existence to the region that belongs to the alps in Europe. The advent of winters every year resulted in the invention of different winter sports and skiing being the oldest which dates to 6000 BC.

In the beginning, during the summer season, Chalets were used for cattle farming in the European alps and as a temporary stay house for the herders. Before the arrival of winter, they used to toil hard to create a stock of butter and cheese to be taken to the low-key areas of the valley. During the winter season, these chalets were left empty, and all the necessary and costly items were stored in Mazets (small windowless huts) built adjacent to the chalet.

At present, when winter season is at its peak and the whole European alps hide under the white snow blanket, many skiers and adventure /leisure travelers’ throng to the alps to experience its natural beauty and try different adventures sports which have led to the demand for cosy and comfortable accommodation at a reasonable price and here services offered by catered Ski Chalet comes into the picture. 

These catered Ski chalets are a reasonable substitute for the budget traveler, medium to a large group, or families as compared to a hotel or a self-service apartment, as they are well equipped with all the basic amenities like hot water, private bathrooms, hearty and sumptuous cooked meals, safe and clean surroundings and depending on their budget one can opt for semi and super luxurious chalets that offer services like Sauna, Spa, Gourmet cuisine, Room Service, heated ski rooms, fitness centers, Jacuzzi, Chauffer to make your stay as pleasant as possible. 

If you are traveling in a large group or with your family, it’s very economical to book a chalet but do plan it for better deals as last-minute bookings may cost more. Apart from this do confirm that your tour operator provides free airport transfer which not only exceeds during peak season but is also hard to find in case you booked during high season.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Tips for making ski chalet your base for skiing
One of the most useful travel tips is to try to avoid having afternoon meals during packed lunch hours i.e., 12 -2 p.m. and enjoy the empty slopes while other travelers are queuing up outside a packed restaurant. Instead have a mid-morning snack or carry nuts/fruits /energy bars to make use of the lunchtime by skiing with your family or friends.

The old-world charm of staying in a ski chalet amidst the alps while relishing the endearing view of the snow-clad mountains has no match and due to the ready option to plan your stay via online booking portals, it is a must-try for all.

Due to their diverse demographics before you make a booking the chalet that you choose to visit, it is advisable to jot down the best time to visit, as due to the shifting weather there is the hi and offseason to visit.

There are chances of getting a good discount on accommodation and other services if you travel early but at the cost of not being able to experience the fresh snow but on the brighter side, due to the longer days, you are going to experience sun for large part of the day and that gives you more time to enjoy the slope activities.

The other point to consider before you book a Ski chalet is to be aware of what you are looking for, experience and services may vary with each chalet due to their location and theme. E.g., there are catered Ski chalet that provides services like childcare, cooking and cleaning services, concierge, ski instructor, etc. and there are others that only provide the ready accommodation and for the rest, you are on your own.

So, to make sure of a pleasurable and convenient vacation do spend some time and effort in comparing and researching by going through the reviews of other guests and enquire with the staff that is managing the property and then take the call as per your requirement.

Like a property located on the beach, you can walk in and out whenever you feel like, you can opt for a Ski chalet for the same experience where you get to start skiing from your chalet and no need to travel to the skiing spot. At a nominal cost, it will save you travel time and effort to move up and down the slope.

The trend of ski chalets is more prevalent in Europe, especially in France. Majorly most of the resorts offer ski chalets located in the vicinity of a public transport depot or a town for easy accessibility by the tourists. Tignes, Meribel, Morzine, La Plagne, offer numerous ski chalets to choose from that suit the taste and need of their guests. 

There is a bouquet of additional services that the catered ski chalet offer to assure the best-staying experience for their guests starting from airport transfers, healthy breakfast to keep you going throughout the day, evening snacks, red and white wine to choose from, property following covid safety norms, free Wi-Fi, Complimentary discount vouchers for hiring the ski equipment and ski school, conducting programs to turn an adventurer in you to a skier, bonfire, 3-course dinner meals and regular cleaning of snow with further assistance by providing any information or additional service that the guests may ask for during their stay.      

So, what are you waiting for? The chalets are calling, start packing.

Main photo by Daniele Buso on Unsplash

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