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Record number of passengers in Deutsche Bahn trains

Revenues, profits and capital expenditures rise anew in 2012. Highest level of new hires in ten years with 11,000 new employees just in Germany alone.
BERLIN - Train travel is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Deutsche Bahn set a new passenger record in 2012 as the total number of passengers traveling via domestic rail transport rose by 49 million. Over the course of the year DB transported a total of 1.97 billion passengers (excluding Arriva). This figure is even more notable as the number of airline passengers on domestic flights declined by 3.8 percent during the same period of time while registrations of new cars in Germany fell by 2.9 percent. In contrast, the winner is the transport mode rail which grew by 4 percent.

DB also increased its revenues and profit again in the financial year 2012. Revenues rose by € 1.4 billion (+3.7 percent) over the same year-ago period to € 39.3 billion, while the adjusted EBIT figure increased by € 399 million (+17.3 percent) to € 2.7 billion in 2012. Net capital expenditures grew by 35.7 percent, or € 918 million, to € 3.5 billion. Net financial debt was cut by € 226 million (-1.4 percent) to € 16.4 billion.

DB hired about 11,000 new employees last year just in Germany alone. This figure was the highest number of new hires noted in the past ten years.

During the presentation of the 2012 annual results in Berlin, Dr. Rudiger Grube, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, stated: “More revenues, more profit, more capital expenditures and, above all, a new record number of passengers in our trains. All of these figures show that with our new DB 2020 strategy we are on the right track for success.”

Dr. Richard Lutz, DB CFO, noted: “All our business units are profitable. DB Schenker Rail Germany completed its turnaround despite a difficult economic environment. Even if some uncertainties remain for 2013, we remain cautiously optimistic for the current year.”

Passenger transport business posts higher volumes sold DB’s rail passenger transport business not only recorded more passengers, it also posted an increase in its volumes sold, which rose in 2012 by 4 percent, or 3.1 billion passenger kilometers (Pkm), to 82.4 billion Pkm (excluding Arriva). The number of bus transport passengers in Germany fell again. The 4.1 percent decline in passengers transported to 725.4 million was due to the shrinking number of school children.
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